Schools out for summer. #LoudNProud


Yesterday my little's broke up from school for the six weeks holidays.
The last few days of term is always great fun but tiring.
Last week it was Ellie's end of term assembly, which was fantastic. Ellie had a couple of lines to say about South America, I am so proud that she remembered her lines and she stood up very proudly at the end of her assembly. I really enjoyed it very much. I wish I could have got a photo of her but I didn't manage to snap without other kids being in the photo and for obvious reasons I am not allowed to share photos of other peoples children on the internet, which is fair enough!

The beginning of this week was Harry and Charlie's school play. They did two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. I went to the evening performance as it was more convenient. They performed a modern, funny version of Shakespeare's 'A Midnight Summers Dream'. Harry was Lysander and Charlie as Egeus. They both had a lot of lines to remember and act out and I was sitting there, in the audience welling up with tears in my eyes. They did fantastic! The best school play I have seen to date. The whole play was amazing. The music, the instruments, the acting... just everything! I am SO proud of them both. It's the last school play Harry will ever take part in at primary school because he starts high school in September.

Yesterday was the last day of term! It was a busy day all around. Harry had his leavers assembly, he was presented with three gifts (as were the other year six children), a Bible, a Dictionary and a memory folder/book. Three very lovely gifts. I managed not to cry when he was presented with his gifts, how I managed not to, I'll never know. It's so bittersweet, Harry is my eldest, my first born and now he's leaving primary school. I am so sad but at the same time I am so proud and excited for him to start high school. He's very, very excited and is certainly ready for it but my baby is growing up. Fast. It's like I blink and he's grown and inch and learned an encyclopedia (slight exaggeration) worth of knowledge, haha. It's craziness but in a good way.

Ellie and Charlie were also presented with there sports day bookmark stickers. I am very proud of them, they did amazingly on sports day (as did Harry) but seeing Ellie and Charlie get up and shake hands with the head teachers and thanking them for there awards, was a very proud moment. (And I may be feeling a bit emotional typing this post by the way).

We stayed at the school for a family picnic in the afternoon, we had cakes and crisps, rolls and orange juice. It was a super fun afternoon where the kids enjoyed many activities and played football with all the teachers. Just about everyone signed the year 6's shirts, a nice little keepsake and lots of good luck wishes, awww. It was fab. We left about 2pm! School is finally out for summer!
 My little's aren't so little any more, they start back at school in September. Harry will be in year 7, Charlie in year 6 (Charlie's last year of primary school. Like. WHAT?!)  and Ellie in year 3.

I can not put into words how proud I am of all three of my children. I am truly blessed.
All these proud moments will stay with me for the rest of my life. *wipes tear*

Now to make the most of our summer holidays! Yaaay! 

Sarah xXx

3 Children and It

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  1. End of term is always so busy but so much fun too! I bet it was emotional with your biggest leaving primary school :( Hope you all have a great summer!

  2. I can so relate to this! My younger son left primary school last week and it was so emotional.
    It sounds like your kids did so well, no wonder you're proud.

  3. Wow, that's a busy few days you've had! Well done to all your kiddos! Enjoy your summer. :-) #PoCoLo

  4. And that's why I love writing my Loud 'n' Proud posts - such a great opportunity to give credit where it's due whilst recording memories too and with one off to secondary school, that's so important! Sounds like they've all done fantastically. Well done to you all :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely but hectic few days! hope you have an amazing summer x #OrdinaryMoments

  6. Ah it sounds like avery busy but exciting end of term- and your children all sound like they did amazingly. No wonder you are so proud! My little girl starts primary school in September and I am so excited for her, but so nervous too! x

  7. It just goes so fast doesn't it, my eldest is starting his GCSEs in September! #MummyMondays

  8. Looks like you had a busy few days. It only seems like a second ago I was doing this with mine kids lol. Now they are 29 and 33 and i swear I have no idea what the time went

  9. How special! Harry has got the first of his signed shirts from his school years. I hope he settles into secondary very well in September. Lots of proud moments for you; so lovely to see them grow. Lovely presents too. Congrats to Ellie for remembering her lines. To many more proud moments and school plays. Hope you have a superb Summer. #MummyMonday

  10. I so need to write this post too, my triplets have just left and they are my last, I feel every emotional about it all and like you proud too. #MagicMoments

  11. That must have been an emotional time with your son leaving primary school. It seems such a big step to start in secondary. I remember so well how I felt when mine progressed. Great you have all had such an enjoyable end to the term though and I understand why you are so proud :) Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKIds

  12. Oh it must be so emotional watching you children leave primary school. It sounds like you have a lot to be proud of! Hope you have a great summer holidays.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  13. Sounds like you've had some busy but lovely past few days! You must be so proud! Enjoy your summer holiday together! :) #letkidsbekids

  14. Wow what a week of excitement and pride for you, it is always wonderful to watch them being recognised for their achievements. I too cannot believe how quickly time flies, my daughter starts school in September, how did that happen. Thank you for linking up to Magic Moments.

  15. It's a shame you didn't get a photo of her without other children but that first photo is wonderful! The play sounds amazing too and the signed shirt brought back leaving school memories of my own! Hope you have a lovely summer holiday! Thanks for linking up to #shareasmile xx


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