Our July. {Monthly Roundup}


I knew that July was going to be a busy month, with it being the end of term - Charlie had induction days at high school as he's due to start in September. Harry will be starting in year 8 and Ellie in year 4. We slowly worked through our July bucket list and I think we managed to achieve a fair bit!  The month started off with sports day and induction days. Charlie thoroughly enjoyed his induction days. He confidently caught the bus to and from school. I am so proud of him! I also went into the primary school and had an open afternoon with Charlie & Ellie, which was a lot of fun.

Charlie also turned eleven years old in July! Still can't believe he's eleven! Wow.


We also explored our local area, living in the countryside means there's a lot of exploring to do and adventures to be had. We've found some really beautiful picnic spots.

ups and downs smules and frowns

Beautiful view

PokemonGO came out! What an epic game and app that is! It got us out walking more and exploring some more, too!

playing pokemon go

Spotting some wildlife was also on our July bucket list. We did spot some cows! We also had a hedgehog in our back garden (which may have been the end of June, I can't quite remember). There was also a deer in the field at the back of our house! We've spotted pheasants, birds, baby swans and lots of other wildlife, too!

baby swans and mum swan

Swans a signets

Garden hedgehog

I went to Charlie's year six leavers assembly which was held in our local church. I may have cried. A LOT! I can't believe he's going to be going to high school in September. Craziness. He was presented with a lovely bible, dictionary and leavers book - The leavers book was for all his friends and teachers to sign. A truly lovely keepsake.

We had a picnic at the school on the last day of term, which was so much fun! Ellie was telling me all about year 4 and how excited she is to start in a new class!
Mumx3x ice creams along the river
Another task on our bucket list was to have ice creams along the river. We did this on the way back from having the boys hair cuts! Well, the kids choose a lolly instead of an ice cream. We walked a total of FIVE MILES that day! It was a beautiful day and we may have caught a few Pokemons... haha.

I had put it in my head that I wanted to loose at least 3lbs in July. I did that. I actually lost around 9lbs. WOW! I'm sure the Pokemon hunting has helped with that, haha. I also managed to read five books in July, which I wrote about on my book blog. (A couple of those were short books, but it still counts!!)
Books I read in July

There were some stressful moments in July. Which I wrote about but I won't go into again! I'm focusing on the positives. :)

How was your July? What are your best bits?

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  1. Wow a 9lb loss is amazing! Well done you :)


  2. What a busy month! My daughter is starting year 1 in September - she's very excited! I work in a secondary school so I have been helping with inductions - the new kids always seem so tiny! It doesn't last long though. I need to spend more time reading - I don't manage 5 books in a year!

  3. I can't believe it's August already! You live in a lovely area by the looks of things.

    My favourite bits of July have definitely been the Nursery Sports day for Miss Mini Me (she's a terrible cheat and not very sporty by the looks of things lol), meeting some lovely people on Twitter through this new blogging journey and making some more progress in CBT!

    Lord only knows what August holds for us!

    Emmie xo

  4. What a beautiful family you have! It is great that you had a good time celebrating birthdays and playing Pokemon Go lol!

  5. Good luck to Charlie in high school! Looks like you had great yet emotional month! The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is an amazing book and I have Everything, Everything sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read!

  6. I refuse to accept Charlie is 11! I remember him being born x

  7. Wow what an incredible loss. You've done so well and if it makes you happy, fantastic xxx

  8. what a fab result on the weight loss! well done and what a good July you had! R


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