The weekly bits & bobs.


The weekly bits and bobs - The best and worst of this week and reasons to smile


  • My anxiety has been horrendous. I think last Thursday and Friday were probably the worst days. It was really bad. However, it's a bit better now. Anxiety is so hard to figure out because I don't know why I was anxious. It was everything and nothing (and if you suffer with anxiety, you may be able to relate to that!). Thank goodness it's not that bad now (touch wood). 
  • My laptop no longer gives me a warning when the battery is going flat. It just switches itself off. I figure that this is a sign the battery is probably on it's way out. I can't replace it myself because the battery is inside the actual laptop. What a pain. I just need to remember to plug the charger in after an hour or so. It's not the end of the world - at least it still works (again, touch wood!)
  • Sports day was cancelled last week because it was pouring with rain  but it's been rescheduled so that's something to look forward to :) 


  • Charlie had his induction days at high school! I am SO incredibly proud of him. He happily went with Harry on the bus Monday morning and came home with Harry on the bus. I'm so pleased they're back in the same school even if I am in denial that Charlie is old enough for high school. On the second induction day all the teachers were on strike but Charlie got a lift to school with my step dad. He happily went and was super confident about the second day! 
  • Ellie also enjoyed two days being introduced to year 4! She's got Charlie's (current) teacher in September, which she is excited about and he is a very good teacher. 
  • So far in July, I've read two books! Well, one I started in June but couldn't finish because the stupid brain disease flared up and it effects my vision, I finished that a couple of days ago. I read 'The girl with no name' by Diney Costeloe and 'If I stay' I'll review those over on my book blog at some point. My July 'To Be Read' list can be found here 
  • Having good friends and a lovely fella has made me truly happy this week! Being a in a long distance relationship isn't easy but when we do see each other, we really appreciate our time together. Also having a really good friend. We message every day and we talk about everything and anything which is lovely.
  • The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better! Hoorah! Finally. I feel much more motivated when it's sunny. Although not a fan of the heat/humidity but it's nice to see the sun! 

I'm looking forward to... 

  • The fact that it's July is a positive! Honestly, can not wait for the summer holidays and to have a break from the school routine. I know the kids are excited too!
  • C & E's sports day! I can't wait to watch them in there races. They're both super excited about it. My mum is also coming to watch, which will be nice. Harry isn't taking part in his sports day this year, which is surprising because he loves sports. Mind, he did take part in a sponsored walk last week, which he enjoyed! He got to come home from school early, which always makes him happy, haha. I'm proud of him for taking part in that.
  • Charlies birthday - He's going to be eleven! I know, I can't believe it either.
  • The weekend. I need to do some gardening/weeding. My front garden is starting to resemble a jungle. It's only a little patch of garden, so it won't take too long. I'm sure the kids will help me, they like gardening.
  • I am also really looking forward to the end of the school term. I think we all need a break from the school routine! Only another couple of weeks or so. 
  • So that's basically been our week this week! There's been a lot going on but mostly all good. The positives defiantly out weight the negatives.  

What are your best and worst bits this week? Or what are you most looking forward to?

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!

P.s I also have a giveaway running to win a copy of the children's book 'The Lost Smile' 

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  1. oh I can't wait for my girls to be back in the same school again, makes life so much easier lol - our sports day is coming up too and the preteen is frantically practising every thing in our garden - she's rather competitive ;) - glad your anxiety is better, i don't have it but have (randomly) been reading up about it lots lately, and I can tell how hard it is... heres to a good week! #bestandworst

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling anxious but that's great news that the positives outweigh the negatives. That's why it's so important to write these things down, so you can see the evidence that things aren't so bad after all. Have a wonderful July! #bestandworst

  3. Oh no sorry to hear that your laptop is packing up!Mine is doing the same, good to hear sports day is being rescheduled.

  4. I am sorry to hear your anxiety peaked - I hope you are feeling better now. I cannot wait for the holidays too - no more 6am starts for a few weeks, yay! Kaz x

  5. Oh no I am sorry to hera that you are strugling with Anxiety. I know all about them and it is so unfortunately that some people have to live with it. But don't worry you are not alone and it can always get better with some help from the closest. I am thinking about starting on medication to tackle the worst attacks that I sometimes get. It is horrible but we are strong that deal with it everyday. Lots of hugs

  6. Sorry to hear that the anxiety has been bad on the positive side you have lots of positive things to look forward to.

  7. Finishing two books would be a big accomplished for me. I have to get back in reading soon. And excited for Charlie's 11th birthday. Yay!

  8. Oh I hope the anxiety settles...had it a bit and horrible when it flares up. I hope the support from your partner and all the exciting things with your children coming up over the summer will help a bit. I really need to go to bed and read, instead of watching Eastenders on my ipad!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  9. Hurrah for the weather improving - just in time for the end of term :)

  10. I am sorry to hear the anxiety has come and bitten you, it must horrid when it flares up x

  11. Any plans for upcoming birthday party? Last week we attended a wonderful garden kids birthday party, I wish we could "order" a weather for occasions like this.

  12. Ohh lots to look forward to and I sure hope your anxiety starts to ease for you. Mich x

  13. Sorry to hear you've struggled this week, it's good that there has been so many positives for you all though! Hope this next week is better and you all enjoy your plans.

  14. I actually had very similar, so much anxiety this week :( I hope your will gets better now, I am glad to see list of positives and certailny July must be one!

  15. You always give such a well rounded week with negatives, positive and things to look forward to. I like that your negatives always have fewer items than either of the other two. Have another good week ahead. xxx

  16. I always love reading good and happy news about the children and great that you have some things to look forward to. Sorry about the anxiety, I struggle with it too, but mine is purely situational x

  17. Sorry to hear about your anxiety; at least you had a positive week overall #KCACOLS

  18. Great to see that the good outweighs the negatives. Having a long distance relationship is difficult. #mmbc

  19. I suffer from anxiety too and some days I wake up anxious for no apparent reason. #kcacols

  20. I seem to remember half my kids' sports days being rained off, the British weather is so unreliable. Lots of lovely positives here and things to look forward to:-)

  21. It sounds like it's been a busy week with the school induction / moving up days! I hope that your anxiety eases up soon too - I know how horrible it can be, especially when there is just nothing you can point to as a reason. x #KCACOLS

  22. What a lovely post - lots of things to look foward to. We are going on my youngest's first seaside holiday (huge positive), the packing is the negative!! #KCACOLS

  23. I love your list and all the positives. I understand about your anxiety as I suffer it too #KCACOLS

  24. Yay for July being positive looks like you have a lot to look forward to #kcacols

  25. What a busy week! I'm so sorry that the sports day what cancelled but yes to looking forward to it next week! And yes I'm so happy that the weather is looking better although there are always rainy days now and then. You have lots of nice things to look forward to!. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is lovely to have you, :-) x


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