The one with induction days, open afternoon and Charlie's birthday!


Last week, my middle son Charlie turned eleven years old. I can't quite believe it myself if I'm honest. I'm still in denial that Charlie is eleven years old. He'll be starting high school in September. My eldest son, Harry will be in year eight so at least Charlie has his big brother already there to help during those first couple of weeks. Still though, it doesn't seem possible that he'll be starting high school. I'm still getting over the fact that Harry started high school last September! Madness! It's also crazy that my daughter -My youngest child- will be starting in year FOUR!
Charlie's birthday came and went in a blur.

Charlie's 11th Birthday @ Ups and downs smiles and frowns

Charlie had his induction days at high school last week. On Monday he caught the bus with Harry and caught the bus home, too! Charlie had a fantastic time and actually can not wait to start! Tuesday was his second induction day, the teacher were on strike but Charlie still had his induction day (which is a bit weird if you ask me!) Harry wasn't at school Tuesday so it was just Charlie on his own, I must admit I was a bit anxious. Charlie however, was not at all anxious. He got a lift to and from school and honestly, he did SO well! He is so, so ready for high school (even if I'm not ready for him to be going up!). I am so proud of him.

us and downs

A few days later was Charlie's birthday .
Charlie's birthday went by fast! Before school, he opened some presents and had his favourite pancakes for breakfast! It was a busy day as I had open afternoon at the primary school, a chance to go into the school and work with Charlie and Ellie. It was a fun afternoon. I looked over Ellie and Charlie's work, learned about the topics they've been studying and also got to hear a couple of sneak peak songs from Charlie's end of year play. The school assembly was also very good! Charlie got to do a bit of acting, he's so confident! Ellie was super proud to show me her work and we made a bumble bee from pine cones, together! It was a really fun afternoon and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go. The rest of Charlie's birthday was great fun! Charlie opened his the rest of his presents, which he loved. Some of my family popped in to see Charlie and wish him a happy Birthday, which was really lovely. We had a lovely dinner and then /charlie played with his friends and on his new scooter. It was a fab Birthday overall, he had a wonderful time and was absolutely shattered by the time bedtime rolled around.

flickr scooter

We have a busy couple of week coming up with the end of term activities, family picnic, assemblies, leaving dos and what not. I am really looking forward to the summer holidays and having a break from the school routine and I know the kids are, too! :)

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  1. Wow that seems so many years away from toddlerhood where we are now; I bet it flies by! #MagicMoments

  2. Such a lovely insight into your family fun! It's so fab to document it all and see the extraordinary in the ordinary moments. Love it! X #twinklytuesday

  3. Awww Happy Birthday Charlie.
    I cant even imagine how I will feel when Hayden is 11, I Don't even want him to start reception in September.
    So glad you feel he's ready for high school - I bet it puts your mind at ease.
    You have such a lovely blog.
    Thanks for sharing
    Charlotte x

  4. Moving on to the High School is such a big thing isn't it, my little one moves into year 3 and I am so nervous about that.

  5. Wow that sounds exciting and frightening all in one go - where do these years go. We are also looking forward to a change in routine here. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  6. Happy birthday everyone! My stepkids have got those scooters and they love them - The speed they can get up to on them terrifies me!

  7. Happy birthday to Charlie. Such a great insight into your lives.

  8. Happy birthday Charlie! Looks like he had a fab birthday, that scooter looks awesome!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  9. Thanks for posting on #sharewithme I find it interesting what's happening in different people's lives.

  10. I'm also struggling to believe my oldest child is going to be 10 soon! It's crazy to think that they are getting so grown up, where has the time gone? :)

  11. Sounds like a busy time! It's nice that the pair are in school together now though x

  12. My daughter is 12 and the time just flies by far too quickly doesn't it Good luck in his new big school-)

  13. awww Sarah what a really epic week! my daughter was so ready for secondary school too. Hope you all have a super summer lovely

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  14. My eldest is going up to secondary school in September. I am really nervous about it but he can't wait

  15. Aww well done at big school! We are many years from that but I know how quick it goes after seeing my nephew get there. He's going to be 14 in a couple of months which is just ridiculous! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  16. Awww Happy Birthday Charlie! Its so nice that his brother will be in his new school as he can adjust better and faster! Time flies when you have kids isnt it? I cant believe how my son will start year 2 too soon! #mmbc

  17. What an awesome week Sarah!
    It really is so scary how fast these kiddies grow up isn't it!
    And happy belated birthday to Charlie, hope he had a fab day :)

    Thanks so much for being part of #MMBC See you next week xx

  18. Lots of proud moments for you here! Here's hoping you get a nice, chilled summer hols once the craziness of end of year settles! #sharewithme

  19. They grow up so fast! Sounds like he has had a lovely birthday!

  20. You had a great week. Nice. Moving to high school is a big deal.

  21. Wow how time flies hope he had a good birthday . Moving to high school is scary but I am confident it will go well!

  22. Happy belated birthday to Charlie, sounds like he had a lovely day and who doesn't like birthday pancakes? It's lovely to hear he is so excited for high school and it's always nice to have an older sibling there when you start.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x


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