Haunted Liverpool 1 by Tom Slemen {Book Review}


Haunted Liverpool 1 by Tom Slemen Book Review
 Pages: 144
Genre: Horror/Mystery/True stories

"This book is about ghosts – whatever they are. Every culture has believed in ghosts at one time or another: Buddha trained himself to overcome fear by sitting in a haunted cemetry. Spooky tales are not just a contemporary phenomenon – there are several ghosts mentioned in the Old Testament.
In the course of a person's lifetime, the chances of encountering a ghost are suprisingly high. Many of the stories within this book originated from the numerous letters and telephone calls Tom Slemen received at Radio Merseyside, where he presented a regular slot on the Billy Butler Show. The tremendous response from listeners is confirmation of a widespread fascination with the paranormal.

Take a spine-chilling journey along Liverpool's streets and meet Spring-Heeled Jack, that Harrington Street visions, Bernie with the broken neck, the Grey Lady of Grove Street and many other spooky characters and ghostly encounters!"

A collection of short, ghost and spooky stories centered around Liverpool. I really enjoyed this book, I flew through it, the stories are all short and some, if not all, gave me the chills! I can't wait to read 'Haunted Liverpool 2'! I also learned a lot about the history of Liverpool too which I found fascinating. One story that stood out to me in particular was about the ghost on a bus who gave a little girl a chocolate bar, which she ate! The parent turned around the the man (ghost) had disappeared, yet the chocolate bar was very much real! *shivers*

Do you like ghost stories? What books have you been reading lately? 

Sarah xXx

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