Christmas 2016.


Christmas has been and gone and I am way behind on blogging. I've been poorly all over Christmas with the flu, I'm not sure if it was full blown flu or a really heavy cold but either way, I was really not at all well. Still though, we had a good Christmas!

Christmas 2016

The kids opened Christmas P.Js on Christmas eve - It's our little tradition, we do it every year. We enjoyed festive movies and snacks on Christmas eve, too! Ellie was excited to leave out Santa's snack and a snack for the reindeer, too!

Santas snack

When the kids were sound asleep in bed "Santa" came.

Christmas 2016 mumx3x
We all woke up early on Christmas day and opened presents. Ellie noticed that santa had eaten his pie and the reindeers had munched on the carrot we left our on Christmas eve!
I really wasn't feeling well and honestly don't know how I got through Christmas day but I did! The kids had a fantastic Christmas and they're very happy with the gifts they received, there's too many to list! I was also spoiled and got an iPad mini 2 which I ADORE! I also got some new boots and a coat among a lot of other things, too! I feel very blessed and lucky. We played games and watched movie, ate way too much and just enjoyed Christmas day (and the week that followed!)

I am finally feeling a bit better. I have a lot of catching up to!

Xmas 2016 mumx3x

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas, too! Let me know how your Christmas was in the comments below :)

Sarah xXx
Living Arrows

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  1. Sorry to hear that you've been unwell, I hope you've managed to shake it off now - great photos!

  2. Shame you weren't well, but sounded like a nice Christmas. Lovely photo of the 3 of them. Happy new year #livingarrows

  3. Thanks so much for linking up - it looks like you had such a lovely Christmas x


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