Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho if it's off to school they go


Phew. Just this second sat down. Wonder if I can get in a quick post without being interrupted, seriouly my house is chaotic, if it's not the kids it's  the kitten lol, if it's not the kitten it's the phone or there's somebody at the door or I just end up cleaning or something, lol. The joys eh?! But I wouldn't have it any other way :)
My title - Charlie has been singing "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to school we go" Then whistles (he just learned to whistle!) So cute.

The kids all went back to school yesterday. It was Els first day at primary school, Charlies first day at Junior school (year 3) and Harry's first day in year 4!! Gosh they grow up so fast. Anyhoo.. Ellie LOVES school (I knew she would) lots of her pre school friends are in her clas which is really nice, they were all so pleased to see her, bless. She's also loving school dinners. Charlie really enjoys being at junior school... he it's a lot harder but he has an extra five mins at playtime than he did at the infant school lol, so that's a plus for him, hehe.
Harry, eh, he doesn't really have much to say about school, he has lots of friends and he seems to enjoy it.. he's just a kid with fewer words to say, lol. The boys both really want to do football club but am not sure about them doing footy for an hour after school in the WINTER - OUTSIDE! Charlie's got asthma as it is! Idk, I might leave that for the spring term, perhaps they could do an indoor after school club instead? I'll be looking into it =)

Me.. well, I am all good. Glad the kids are back at school but my goodness, I REALLY miss them, especially Ellie. For the last 8 years I have always had at least one child with me 24/7.. but not any more.. It's so strange. I'm not sure I like it tbh. I thought I would enjoy the free time, but today... this morning... it hit me. I was like "What am I suppose to do now?" (I can't work due to health issues/brain disorder - IIH you can click *here* to read about it, which is why I haven't updated so much also.. that and being busy) Honestly, it sucks.

Oh! Els is going to be FIVE years old in a week and a half. OHMYGOODNESS! Can't believe it! We're doing her a little tea party (I was going to do a BBQ but there is no telling if this lovely weather will stick around that long or not. It has been beautiful weather the last few days!) and I've brought all her birthday presents! She is Moshi Monster crazy! Seriously, she can not get enough of Moshi Monsters, lol.
(Also I am aware that my son needs a hair cut but he insists on growing it to be like MattyB and Justin Bieber. Ugh. He is so having a hair cut this weekend, lol.)

Right, am gonna go feed the kitten, have a nice relaxing bath and then have a nice early night *yawns*

Sarah xXx

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