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Kids are always asking why, so here some question I want to ask WHY.

Why do I always have to repeat myself?

Why, when you take you socks off can't you take them both off in the same place?

Why do I have to remind you 943857867 times to brush you teeth?

Why do you answer everything I say or ask, with a question?

Why do you get up so early on weekends but school days you don't want to get out of bed at all?

Why is there lego, fruit gums, bits of playdough etc in my hand bag?

Why do you always need to pee as soon as we've stepped out the front door?

Why do I always forget either my phone or my keys?

Why is it, every time I am on the phone you all want me all at once?

Why is there always a knock on the door or a phone ringing just as I'm about to step in the bath?

Why do you always need the toilet when I'm in the bath?

Why do one of you wake up just as I'm about to fall asleep?


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  1. Great whys! I've often wondered the same thing on a lot of these.


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