R2BC (20/9/12)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I have had a busy week this week and had a headache most days BUT I have plenty to be cheerful about.
1) It was my daughters 5th Birthday last weekend, we took her to the castle, looked around the museum, had lunch in the park & she played on the playground and bouncy castles, it was a lot of fun! She got lots of lovely gifts and had a small tea party (or more like a special tea) on her Birthday. It was great! My baby girl is now FIVE years old.
2) All three kids are doing great at school! Although Charlie is struggling with his reading a bit, aside from that they're all doing wonderful. The boys have positive comments in there homework diaries (sounds so grown up having homework diaries for primary school!) and Ellies reading record has lovely positive comments, that really pleases me :)
3) I've caught up on washing (finally!) and housework almost. We need to put Ellies new mid sleeper bed together and switch the bedrooms around (that's another post, for another time!) but I am really looking forward to that and getting organised! Also... It's nearly the weekend, YAY! I might even go to the carboot sale this weekend if the weather is nice.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Awww glad your daughter had a wonderful fun filled birthday..They grow up so fast
    Have a fab weekend xxx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! They grow so quickly! See that she is a Moshi fan too - did you go to Lollibop?
    Being organised always makes me cheerful too. Clutter causes stress apparently x

  3. Just popping over from R2BC - sounds like you've had a great birthday, and lovely week!

  4. I'm glad she had a great birthday and that they're enjoying school, lovely R2BC! x

  5. great reasons! congrats on the positive school comments x


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