So tired.


Honestly, I am just so tired. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately, I just feel tired. Constantly. All. The. Time. It's driving me mad! I think I might be anemic, again. I don't know but I am going to the doctors because it is not normal to feel THIS tired all the time. I hada good 8.5 hours sleep last night and all day I have felt so tired, my eyes are stinging, it's as if I haven't been to sleep at all last night. Even first thing in the morning when I wake up after a good nights sleep, I still feel tired, urgh.
Anyhoo moving on..
The boys had a nice time at there dads this weekend, they went fishing over night and half the day. Both boys caught a few fish, the're so proud and couldn't wait to tell me about it, aww. Ellie has had a good weekend here with me. Just me and her, it's been nice.
Tomorrow I need to write there names in the uniforms, P.E kits etc, fun times eh?! I know, I've left it until last minute.. Oh well. They're all excited about starting back at school. Charlie is really looking forward to being a junior, lol.
Anyways I'll leave this here, Ellie is calling me and the cat is me-owing to be fed (again) lol. It's never ending in this house, lol.

Sarah xXx

P.S I am currently addicted to pinterest. Such fun!

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