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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) The kids are back to school & we are back into routine. I LOVE my routines and I have missed it. Ellie loves primary school, Charlie loves junior school and so far Harry loves being in year 4! Yay.
2) I sorted thru the kids rooms the other day and I threw away so much junk/broken toys, took some toys to the charity shop because my kids have out grown/don't want them any more. It feels SO good to have a clear out!
3) Tomorrow is Friday! I can't wait until the weekend and just chill out. It's suppose to be really warm at the weekend so I might go ouy somewhere or something with Ellie (the boys will be at there dads)

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  1. Nothing like a good clear out! It's so satisfying!

  2. Get to rest on the weekend, what a liberty, lol. I need to follow your lead and get rid of broken toys too.

  3. Routine is good, it'll be nice to settle back in to some order in time for the run up to the winter festival that occurs in December ;)

    I'm looking forward to the weekend, this week has been really busy & I am shattered. Sunday can't come soon enough! I hope you enjoy your weekend x

  4. Fab reasons to be cheerful. I love routines and a good clear out. You've reminded me that I really need to have a clear out of the kids toy boxes asap! xx

  5. Another back-to-school reason. That's been my favourite bit of this last week too!

  6. Glad the kids have settled back into school well. Mich x


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