Monday Madness.


I haven't been able to get motivated properly today, I've just pottered about which is not good! I should be keeping on top of things... at least I cleared the laundry though! That is such a mission, lol.
Tomorrow I need to get the rest of Elicias birthday bits, can't believe she'll be FIVE this coming Sunday, where does time go?! We've decided on a birthday tea (hot dogs, they're Ellies fave, with oven fries), birthday cake and probably just a few nibbles. Her friend is coming, whose mum also happens to be a good friend of mine. We'll probably do some party music, balloons, banners and dancing/singing. It should be good! We're going to take her out on the Saturday (day before her birthday) instead of having an ACTUAL party. We're not 100% certain on where we're going to go, we'll give Els the choice nearer the time.

So the kids are all settled back to school, we're finally getting there with our routine, too. Charlie was a bit shocked at how much more busy junior school is compared with infants, but he's getting use to it and he seems to like it! Els LOVES being at school full time although she is so tired by 6 O'clock, I have to try to keep her awake until at least 6:45pm, (otherwise she'd be up at 4am lol) bless her. Harry didn't go to school today because he had a tummy bug and was up in the night puking, ugh. Hopfully he'll be ok to go tomorrow.. He was a bit gutted because he had P.E today and missed it! He's such a sporty boy. So yeah, they all seem to be enjoying school.
 It's been really lovely weather the past week or so, hot and sunny! Today has been a bit windy but am not complaining, make the most of the sun! Although I am looking forward to Autumn My fella will be here Thursday for a while, YAY! Can't wait to see him, haven't seen him for two weeks, feels like so much longer though. I hope time hurries up now LOL!

Sarah xXx

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