Snow. In March? Really?!


Ugh, I can not believe it's snowing! In March!! It's not just snow though, it's SO windy which makes it feel so much colder than it is! School runs in that are no fun, I can tell ya! 
Today has been one of *those* days. The weather really is not helping one bit. I've really had enough of winter now, I need it to be spring!! 
Have you had any snow? 

My heating wouldn't come on. I have a PAYG meter so I stuck my card in and it wouldn't register. I knew I had money on the card and emergency credit! But it just wouldn't work, thankfully it is working now, just as well because it's SO cold! Took a few hours for my house to heat up, it's getting nicely warm now. 
Taking the kids to school this morning was not good! The snow, cold, wind and ice was horrendous  E cried most of the way to school, I felt so bad for her! The school is only a 5-10 min walk but in that weather it took double the amount of time. Where's spring got to? I am so, so longing for decent weather - spring. Daffodils, buttercups and freshly cut grass. It seems a very long way off now though. 
Facebook keeps randomly logging me out and making me prove I'm a real person. I don't know whether it's just facebook being weird, a glitch or if someone has actually reported me for not being a real person, it's very odd. Especially as it's my personal facebook! Obviously I am a real person. It could be because I don't use my real surname on facebook, I'm not really sure but whatever it is, it's driving me nuts! If it carries on I shall just delete facebook and not bother with it, I've no patience for that!! 

Apart from the above things are going great! Kids are all good, H has his school trip this week, he's excited about that. Although I've no idea how I'm suppose to take and collect him from the station when 1) I do not drive and 2) I need to take and collect the little ones to and from school. At the same time as taking/collecting H. Should be interesting to see how I'm gonna manage that one, lol. I'm sure my best friend will help me out if needs be though. We'll see if I can arrange a lift for H to get to the station. Maybe one of the teachers could take him. We'll see. 
Parents evening tomorrow after school for the boys, am excited to see how they're getting on. I still can not believe H will be TEN this year. That's a whole decade. Madness. 

Well I'm gonna go check on dinner and then put washing away. I can't wait to read more of my book tonight, it's SO easy to read on my kindle fire, honestly I never realised just how bad my eyes are until I got my kindle. I love it. The #50books2013 is going really well. 

What are you reading at the moment? 

Sarah xXx

(sorry if this post is a bit of a depressing, ranty, boring post, lol. Lets just blame it on the weather. Oh, and the fact that it's Monday, lol) 

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  1. I am waiting longingly for spring! I can't believe it's snowing in some parts again! It's just really cold down here but the sun has been popping out (not with its warmth though!) I'm worried about not having enough pennies on my gas so trying to layer up instead, will not last long intot he evening though! xx

  2. It's horrid isn't it! I could have done with a snow day today though, at home under my duvet xx

  3. I'm so fed up with this weather now although today is looking better so far. I actually went outside without my coat on and didn't freeze to death! Hopefully it will improve now x

  4. 10??? how did that happen, thats scary lol.

    i am shocked its still snowing in march! i bet it will be snowing at easter - that will be very strange.


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