This is how our March/Spring is looking today...


We woke up this morning to yet more snow. It's more like December rather than March! Eek!  This snow and cold weather is  really getting me down. I so, so want spring and warm weather. I had to go to the shop this morning, the paths were so slippery! It didn't stop me from taking pictures though. My daughter actually enjoyed the snowy walk this morning, she usually hates snow. Maybe she's use to it now, the amount of snow we've had lately! We spotted some daffodils that were covered in ice and snow, at least there are signs of spring.. 

I am so, so looking forward to BBQs, picnics, going to the beach, reading my book in the sunshine, water fights with the kiddies, & trips to the park! It feels like this cold weather and snow is never going to end! Ah well, hopefully spring is just around the corner..... 

Sarah xXx

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