Reasons to be cheerful (Week 11)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Well, this week has certainly been full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns but I think there's been more smiles than anything else. 

1) It was my boys parents evening a couple of days ago. H got VERY good grades and is number 1 for effort! I am *so* pleased. He's one of the best behaved students in his class, he listens, he knuckles down and gets on with his work, he's helpful and he doesn't let anyone distract him. He's average for most subjects, a little above for reading (He loves reading just as much as I do!). C's teacher said pretty much the same about him, we need to work on improving his handwriting though! We had the same problem with H's handwriting last year but he's really improved and actually really neat now so I know we'll get there with Charlie. Might try and find some handwriting sheets to help. 

2) My daughter (she's 5) had her friend stay over last weekend for the night (she's my best friends little girl btw), they had such a  good time! It was really lovely for her to have a little girl to play dolls with (rather than boys who refuse to play dolls! Lol), she watched a DVD and then it was lights off, sleep time! They went to sleep straight away! They get along really well! The next day we painted nails (well, I painted there nails, lol) and did some games and what not, it was great fun! 

3) We are not suppose to get any more snow (in the near future any way) so hopefully that's it. I still can not believe it's snowing. In March. Eek. I really can not wait for the warm weather - spring, followed by summer. I want to start planting my flowers and seeds but can't until the weather picks up a bit. Oh, I can't wait! 

4) REALLY looking forward to comic relief, I love watching that on T.V. The kids have none uniform Friday or rather a 'wear red day' They donate £1 each (plus we have lots of 1ps and 2ps to donate, there's probably around £5ish worth) Are you doing anything for comic relief? 

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the blog hop that Seasiderinthecity is hosting & share your reasons to be cheerful this week? 

Sarah xXx 

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  1. My daughter has the wear red thing going on and some whole school video planned for comic relief. I climbed a mountain for rnd haha! So pleased to hear your boys are getting on at school well, nothing better than knowing their content at school is there? And how lovely for your daughter xx

  2. Lovely reasons. I have a little girl who struggles to get her brother to play more girlie games with here. Well done to your children on their achievements and oh, I so agree about Spring.

  3. my son too has to wear red for school, lovely to hear your boys are doing well at lovely your daughter had her friend stay xx

  4. Well done to your boys on their great school reports. Mine have parents evening next week! Living by the coast, we miss the snow (much to my kids' disgust) and it's actually been quite nice the past couple of days. Like you I can't wait for the end of winter and the cold weather, I just want to be able to switch off my heating and save some money and keep warm! For Comic Relief tomorrow we have no school uniform day as well for £1 which my kids all love!

    1. We also live by the coast, usually we don't get much snow but the last two winters have been harsh, this on being the worst! Roll on spring. the gas is costing a fortune. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Well done to your boys for parents evening. I think there will be a lot fo red around tomorrow - have fun xx

  6. Great reasons. Good that your kids are doing well in school, well done

  7. Ah good grades are certainly a reason to smile. Its great that your daughter's sleep over went well. I too am looking forward to COmic Relief tonight, I can do with a few laughs. Have a great weekend

  8. Well done kids! You're such a good mum Sarah, you should be proud of yourself too! x

  9. Ahh how cute that your 5 year old got to have a sleep over and excellent that they snoozed straight away, my twins don't even do that! lol

    Mich x

  10. What great school reports! My son needs to improve his writing too, clearly a boy thing!
    I love comic relief and its great when the kids get involved.


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