Reasons to be cheerful (week 10)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I'll try to think of some reasons to be cheerful. I have a bit of a cold and a banging headache so am not in the best of spirits right now. Thinking of reasons to be cheerful might cheer me up.  

1) We had a lovely couple of days weather wise here. It was nice to hang washing on the line. Shame it's gone back to rain, dull and cold again. Hopefully we'll have some more nice weather next week!! I can not wait for spring and summer. 
2) It's world book day! My boys didn't dress up, apparently the school changed plans at last minute which was a shame. E got to dress up though... as goldylocks! (I'll post pics over the weekend) I'm sure they'll all be doing something different at school for red nose day. 
3) I am so in love with my kindle fire. Seriously. I don't know how I ever managed without it! Because of my vision I find it hard to read, even on my old e-reader it was difficult sometimes as it had no back light on it. My kindle is amazing. I can change the margin, the font, the size, the brightness (!!!), just everything about it rocks. Best Birthday pressie ever. 

I had a wonderful birthday last week, really lovely :) Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, you guys are awesome. 

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Ha... do you find that you are reading more on the Kindle than you would if you had just books? xx

    1. Yeah I do because I can't read books very well because of my eye condition, I can't read small print for too long. Although, I probably read as much as I did before the eye condition. I have missed reading like this SO much. My old e-reader was nowhere near as easy to read as My kindle. I love it, lol xx

  2. It was lovely weather this week wasn't it? I hope it comes back. Lovely reason xx

  3. My son has a kindle fire. It is great. I use the kindle for ipad but kept my old kindle for the beach, etc as it has an amazing battery life

    Hope you feel better

  4. what fab reasons ...Hope you are feeling better x

  5. We are having another heatwave here and are expected to have another one next week. Want to swap? :P its been the hottest summer here in years. good to get the washing dry though :D

  6. wishing you better. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine, I'm still waiting for it!

  7. We didn't do anything at work for World Book day either- I had originally wanted to but there's that much going on at the moment that it just didn't happen!

  8. Lovely post and here's to Spring getting itself here and quick.

  9. Ohh yes come on Spring, come and see us. Washing on the line is always a #R2Bc for me! Have a great weekend. Mich x


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