A white Easter? I hope not!!


Gosh, isn't it cold? I said to myself I wouldn't keep moaning about this cold weather but my goodness, it's so cold. We're a few days away from April and it's still like January outside! Eek! A white Easter? I hope not. 
I have a leaky roof above my bedroom window and I have a big bowl catching the drips of water. I have phoned the council and reported it so hopefully it'll be fixed this side of Easter! That dripping is going to most annoying while trying to sleep, maybe I'll keep my ear phones in my kindle fire  and listen to some relaxing music and fall asleep that way? The things we have to do, eh?! 

On a better note, I'm decorating my front room, I shall be posting pictures when it's all done. Currently saving up for the laminate flooring though, hopefully a few weeks I'll have enough money saved for that. I can not wait to get rid of this awful carpet! Carpet really doesn't last long with three kids and only having a living room which we have to walk thru to get to the kitchen and bathroom - it takes a lot of wear and tear. We all eat in this room and you know what children are like, they make a mess, it's to be expected. Laminate flooring will be much more cleanable and hygienic with three messy, energetic kids :) I've also ordered some new net curtains from ebay! So cheap on ebay. I got the whole house net curtains for £12 (including P&P) and a few pence, not bad at all! I'm so excited to finally be decorating my front room, it's seriously been getting me down.. 

Right, the kids are calling, my computer time is up, lol. I've got another Easter arts & crafts post coming up in the near future :) 

Sarah xXx

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  1. I hope not too xx


  2. Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing pics! Honestly the sooner this horrible cold weather effs off the better, so had enough! x


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