Reasons to be cheerful (week 12)


1) It's spring. Although the weather is still cold and it's tried to snow a couple of times yesterday, the sun HAS been making an appearance! I can not wait for it to warm up though.
2) It's almost the weekend, yay! I can't wait for the weekend, seriously. This week has really dragged and I have been so busy doing every day stuff. I'm looking forward to having a relaxing weekend.
3) Easter!!! Easter is not far away at all! I have the kids Easter eggs, yay! We're looking forward to doing some Easter arts and crafts, we've already done some which can be viewed here.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not join in the bloghop below which is being hosted by Seasiderinthecity this week :-)

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  1. I too am looking forward to Easter, it can't arrive soon enough!

  2. Lovely reasons!! Hope you have a great Easter xx

  3. Gosh you're super organised re Easter - this Easter Bunny hasn't got her eggs yet!! xx

  4. Enjoy your Easter..and have a fab weekend x

  5. Great reasons! I'm looking forward to Easter too x

  6. Sunshine is a big grin. We have a week until our school hols :-D

  7. Is it really spring??? I am enjoying the odd bit of sunshine too! Hope you have a good weekend x

  8. I'm wishing for sunshine too! Great reasons

  9. I've got to say like you, I'm looking forward to warmer weather. I'd like to get out more with my kids. Here's to another good week.

  10. I also need some warmth to my seasons now! At least the daffs are still coming up everywhere all bright and yellow :) Hope you have a good week xx


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