More Easter arts and crafts (Sun catchers & Eggs!)


I brought this 'sun catcher' from Tesco for £1. 
I thought it'd be fun for the kids to make. It came with a little paint set & paint brush. 
Here's Harry's one he made (as part of his home work - something 3D and Easter related) 

The front. 
The back. 

We also decorated more polystyrene eggs: 
Here's Harrys one (again, part of his home work)
Charlies one :) 
And Ellies one (She decided on an Easter chick design) 
These polestryene eggs are such a good idea, easier and quicker than hard boiled eggs and only £2 for 6 from the range but 99p store also sell them (They had non in stock when I was there though! Boo) There a cheap, cheerful and SO much fun to decorate! 
Our Easter chicks. Finger/thumb paints and added an eye and leggs using a black marker pen and orange pen for the beak :D 
I actually got this idea from another blog but I can'; for the life of me remember which one, so if it was your idea please let me know and I'll link you. 
Also I'd like to subscribe/follow said blog because seriously some amazing arts and crafts for kids. 

Sarah xXx 

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  1. We decorated the eggs too, much easier than hard boiling real ones. I love the sun catcher x #mpbw


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