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It's not very often that I buy children's magazines for my kiddies to be honest. I think they're way over priced and the plastic toy usually last no longer than a day. However, there are occasions I do buy them, like when the kids are sick and in need of cheering up, or if we're going on a really long journey. I love that kids magazines have little word searches and puzzles that keep mine entertained for a few minutes. Along with some short stories. Sometimes the kids will ask if they can spend there pocket money on the latest magazine, especially if they come with a pack of the latest cards that are the new 'collectibles' or stickers. Oh my kiddies do love stickers! Of course, it's up to them what they spend it on... My grandparents sometimes buy them a magazine, too!
After a while though (and that's usually a very short while) they get bored with there magazine and toss them to one side. We end up with a small stack of magazines and no idea what to really do with them because the kids NEVER want me to throw them away "We'll look at them again one day" they always protest. Me, knowing full well that they won't. They like to hoard stuff (no idea where they get it from. Honest, lol!) They do like to 'recycle' them though, in a fun way. We cut out the pictures and make a bigger picture with them, adding in paints and glitter and any stickers we have left over:

Ellie made that one last year, with some help from me of course. We used an old magazine which had all the colouring pages coloured, all stories read at least five times and all puzzles completed. Rather than me try and sneak it into the recycle bin, we recycled it in a fun way! Now she can keep her favourite pictures from her magazine forever and I have something sparkly, cute and fun on my fridge. I love getting involved with the kids, especially when it involves arts and crafts. They love arts and crafts as much as I do! 

Doesn't her magazine picture make the perfect fridge art? 

Sarah xXx 

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