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I've joined the linky over at my friend Sarah and her husband Stuarts blog Mummy Vs Daddy. Please pop over and say Hi. And of course, join in the blog hop if you'd like ;)
Anyway, here's my wish list...

I wish I could move house. This house is nowhere near big enough!
I wish I didn't suffer with headache/IIH.
I wish I could have another cat - or lots of cats. The more the merrier but eh, it wouldn't be practical.
I wish I could lose 10lbs. That being said....
I wish it was easy to quit drinking coke-a-cola.
I wish I didn't have to get older, LOL.
I wish I could go on holiday abroad. I'd love to take the kids to spain or somewhere..
I wish I could afford a cleaner LOL. I'm sick of housework!
I wish my phone didn't keep freezing/jamming up. Argh!
I wish my fella lived closer to me *sigh*
I wish I knew what I know now, 15 years ago. (make sense?)
I wish I was able to drive! (I can't because of my eyes, plus I don't even know HOW to drive lol)
I wish I didn't suffer from anxiety and depression.
I wish I wasn't such a worrier.
I wish I was more spontaneous like I use to be.
I wish I had time to have a long hot bubble bath and wash my hair without having to rush, lol!
I wish I could give my kids everything they wanted! (Although, I wouldn't want spoiled children!)
I wish I was brave enough to speak my mind/say what I truly think.
I wish I could cure world poverty, war and hunger etc etc

What are your wishes? I'd love to read them so please pop on over to Mummy Vs Daddy and join up the linky. :)

Sarah xXx

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