Meal Planning Monday. (week 2)


Meal Planning Monday

So last week I actually managed to stick to the meal plan! I am really pleased with myself, lol. I actually didn't have to cook separate meals for anyone. Not once. Everyone liked everything on last weeks menu. Hopefully it'll be the same this week. Although, Ellie doesn't like anything spicy but she will eat Korma or a very, very mild curry, as long as she has french stick to dip in (she doesn't like naan bread). I hope the meal plan works out again this week! It's so much easier at meal times when I know what I'm cooking in advance, it also really helps my budget! I should've done this ages ago... better late than never though, right?!

Monday - BBQ ribs with home made potato wedges and salad + french stick.

Tuesday - Pizza, fries and garlic bread.

Wednesday - Sausage, mash potato, veg (brocolii, carrots and peas) with gravy.

Thursday - Chicken Korma with rice and naan bread (or french stick in Ellies case!)

Friday - Baked potato with tuna, sweetcorn with light mayo + selection of salad

Saturday - Ellie chooses (the boys are at there dads!)

Sunday - Turkey, roast potatoes, mash potato, peas, carrots or swede, parsnip, Yorkshire pudding with gravy

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  1. Definitely better late than never. I find it cuts out waste too as I do not buy stuff that has a short shelf life too soon.

  2. I never get to cook the same meal for everyone, my youngest won't eat anything other than beige food! I make him a separate meal every night. Really lovely meal plan x

  3. Everything sounds delicious!!
    This is my type of meal plan :)


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