The story of our cat, 'Lotti'


I thought I would share with you the story of our cat. 
I wasn't planning on getting a cat but it just so happened I didn't get much choice. 
It all happened last June. I was sitting outside in my back garden, making the most of the sunshine. The kids were playing happily, dinner was in the oven, everything was going great! And then, my neighbour asked me if I wanted a kitten because no one else wanted her. I said I didn't really want a cat because I was already feeding a stray cat at the time, which had kind of adopted me. However, she then passed me a cardboard box and said if I didn't have the kitty she didn't know what to do with it. I took a look at this cute fluffball or black, white and ginger fur and I instantly knew the cat was very sick. A sick tortoise shell kitten. I'd say she was around four weeks old at the time. She had serious eye infections, her nose looked blocked and she just looked so small and frail. I knew I HAD to have her. I gave her a closer inspection, she had ticks and probably fleas, too! She was shaking because she was cold even though it was a good 70 degrees (F) outside. The first thing I did was fill a hot water bottle and put it in her box with a soft baby blanket and a small bowl of water. I then called my friend to see if she could watch the kids while I went and brought some kitten food (I was not prepared for a kitten). She gave me a spare litter tray that she had brought for her cat but didn't need it. I put some newspaper in and off I went to the shop (while my friend baby sat the kids) to get cat litter and cat food. (the picture on the left is when I first got Lotti)

 I came home and fed our new fur baby, realised she couldn't actually lap water. Luckily enough I had an unused medicine syringe that came with Charlies old antibiotics from when he was a baby. So I syringed fed her water, ever so carefully, half a ml at a time being careful not to drown the little kitties lungs.
I introduced the kiddies to her, they all fell in love with her. She totally loves them, too.  I knew then that I HAD to keep her.No matter what. She needed me. And if truth be told, I needed her too. I'll never forget the look on Ellies face and her exact words were "Is she real, she looks so fluffy and tiny" LOL.  I contacted cat protection to see if I was eligible for PDSA to help contribute towards the cost of vets. I knew she'd need medicine at the very least. Thankfully I was eligible. The cat protection lady was ever so kind and even took our cat, 'Lotti' to the vets for us, knowing that I didn't drive... She's such a kind, lovely lady. Lotti was diagnosed with cat flu, eye infection in both eyes and ticks/fleas. I didn't have to pay very much towards the medicine, for cat flu, eye infections. I also treated her for ticks and fleas and of course, wormed her. Thank goodness for the PDSA though, they truly are an amazing charity. Also, so is Cat Protection. Over the next few days she did get better but then took a turn for the worst. She wouldn't eat, drink or even open her eyes. I honestly didn't think she was going to make it. I slept with her, I carried her around the house with me, I laid with her on my bed, tucked inside my dressing gown (she loves my dressing gown, even to this day!), I couldn't eat or sleep. I was SO worried about my little tiny cat. It took her weeks upon weeks to get better and four lots of antibiotics to get her better! All the time, I never took my eyes off her, even at night time I was waking to check on her. Even feeding her water every couple of hours, just a couple of ml at a time. It was like having a new born baby. She was and still is my little baby. The bond we have is amazing! 
She finally started acting more like a kitten around 10 weeks old, you know the normal.. chasing figers, chomping on toes, stalking anything and everything that moves, lol. It was truly amazing to watch her get better and stronger each day. I managed to ween her to lap water herself, even if it was out of a glass, lol.
She ended up having a tummy problem a few months later, which was sorted with yet more medicine. She's also been sterilized and micro chipped now, too. 

Lotti now - You would never know she was so ill as a baby kitty! She's full of life and energy, a totally spoiled cat and is one in a million. The bond we have is incredible, she instantly knows when there's something wrong with me, I instantly know when there's something wrong with her, too. I know her meows.. I know when she's hungry and when she wants a drink (She will only drink out of a glass!!! Don't ask me why, I have no idea. I still leave water in her bowl but it's always untouched, lol but that's fine, just as long as she drinks) or when she's in pain. It must sound totally daft to people when I say "I know her meows and what they mean" lol, it's true though. I guess it's because of our bond and the amount of time we've spent together. 

 She loves playing outside with her two "buddies" from next door. They're too tom cats, both the same age (roughly) as her. She hates fish. Have you ever known a cat to turn it's nose up to fish? Yup, even tuna! She's a fussy kitty. She LOVES chicken and turkey though. She's not keen on snow and like every other cat she doesn't like water/puddles/rain, she loves long grass and she only likes a fuss when it suits her. She sleeps IN the bed with me most nights, unless it's too hot then she sleeps on my pillow with her paws on my head, lol. (Don't ask, I don't know why she does this either lol). She also wakes me up between 5:30 and 6:30am for me to let her outside so she can do her buisness, lol! I told you, she's just like a baby lol. If I don't get up? She nibbles my toes until I do, lol! I have thought about a cat flap but errrr all the other cats would get in, lol. She also has a little bit of an attitude at times... Although I call it tortitude, haha, get it?! Tortoise shell cat... attitude combined the two words = Toritude, hahaha. I told ya I'm crazy, LOL.
I am SO glad I took her in, so, so glad. I can't imagine my life without her. We love her so much. She loves us, too! 

(Oh and in case your wondering about the stray cat that I use to feed before I got my cat - someone took him in although I do still see him from time to time and of course, I can't help but give him a treat or two, hehe. There's also other neighbour hood cats that like to come around and chill in my garden, they all love a fuss. I really AM the crazy cat lady, I am not even kidding you) 

I hope this post all made sense. I just wanted to document it for myself and of course share it with the world. I know I'm crazy to love a cat so much and I am totally crazy about cats, especially MY cat. She is truly spoiled rotten and in real life, I talk about my cat non stop. People really DO call me the crazy cat lady but I'm quite proud of my 'title' to be honest, I'm not ashamed to admit I love my cat (and every other cat, too! Haha)

Sarah xXx


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  1. Aw, she's such a lovely kitty (I've got two myself; grey tom Schrödinger and black queen Pandora) :-)

  2. Beautiful cat and thank goodness there are lovely people like you and animal charities to help animals.

  3. Gorgeous cat-we rescued Billy the Cat many years ago when he was abandoned-he lived a very happy life but sadly died last year. Thanks for linking up to #brillblogposts please link back or add my badge

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry about your loss, that's so sad :(
    I have linked back at the bottom of the post :) x

  5. I'm not surprised you're both crazy about each other - you were determined that she was going to survive and she knows you were her mummy :)

  6. My cat Ada has her fair share of tortitude too! I'm sure it's a real thing. I can't even imagine how a cat can get so sick in such a short time, only 4 weeks old. She is so very lucky to have you.

  7. Ash the Dog says - What a lovely story. Now I know it's about a cat and I'm not exactly a fan but every animal deserves to be loved and live with their forever family. Have a lovely life, Lotti xx #animaltales


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