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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Gosh, it has been a hectic week! The kids have all had tummy bugs (This is NOT a reasons to be cheerful!). Harry had a rash appear on his face and it didn't disappear when I rubbed a glass over it! So I took him to the doctors and he had to have emergency blood tests because the doctor was concerned about the rash. Thankfully Harry was better the next day and the results from the blood tests came back all normal! Phew!! I was very worried.
 So that's my first reasons to be cheerful - Harry's blood test coming back normal and now all the kids are over than nasty bug, Harry's rash is almost gone and all is good! Thank goodness. 
My second reason to be cheerful this week is that I got to see World War Z (in 3D!) last week with my lovely fella! We had a kid free few hours, it was truly lovely and I really enjoyed the film. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I want to watch it again LOL. 
Sports day is my third reason. Lovely proud mummy moments, hehe. Ellie tried so hard in her races, it was funny watching the little kids trying to run with a hoop on there head lol! Ellie came second in a couple of races and she was really good on the space hopper! 
Charlie did amazing at the long jump (it was a different kind of sports day for the boys this year). Charlie has only got little legs because he's small for his age so we were surprised he jump as far as he did, I'm really proud of him, he put in such a big effort in all of his races/activities. Bless him. Harry (he's in year 4) came second out of his school for the 600m running! He got a silver medal and of course I am very proud of him, too. No idea where my kids get there sporty side from because I always hated P.E/sports at school (Mind, I didn't mind running though as I was quite good at running, lol!! not the *WAS*). Over all a really good sports day for all the kids and the weather stayed dry and warm, yay! 

And of course tomorrow is Friday. It's been a lonnnng week so I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend (hopefully...)

I hope you all have a good weekend and have some good weather, too.

Sarah. xXx 

P.S I am really very behind on blogging. I've been busy doing mummy things, looking after sick children. I am SO tired, lol!

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  1. What lovely reasons to be cheerful! Hope you have a great weekend! Popping by from #RTBC

  2. It must have been so scary when that rash didn't disappear, what a relief that they are all over it now. Thank goodness it's nearly friday, it's been a long week for me too

  3. Yeay for good test results and wow your kiddies are good at sports....olympic medalists in the making??? x

  4. Ah well done to your little ones and i'm glad you got some time to yourself, that's always a happy thing! x

  5. Happy reasons, especially good blood results x

  6. aww what a lovely positive post! I liked World War Z too xo

  7. Glad those kids are all better now and hope this week is a good one. Mich x


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