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Is it really only Wednesday?! This week is dragging by... Time seems to be going so slow. Or maybe it's just because I am really looking forward to the weekend because my fella is coming down for a few days, yay!

Next Friday Ellie has to dress up in what they describe as 'dance clothes' as it's apparently 'dance day' raising money for charity. However, Ellie doesn't have 'Dance clothes' because well, she doesn't go to any dance clubs or anything like that. I'm really unsure what they means by 'Dance clothes' Will a dress do? Or perhaps leggins with a long sparkly top and sparkly shoes? I really can't afford to go out and buy something pacific for 'Dance day' especially after I've just had to buy her a pirate costume because it's 'pirate day' in a couple of weeks. Pirates are the topic this term. I didn't want Ellie to be the odd one out and not have a nice pirate outfit (I got it cheap on ebay, really cute, too!). Also had to pay for Charlies school trip and apparently next month Ellie has a school trip, too! I'm excited because it'll be her first school trip, yet I am also anxious, someone else taking my little girl out, without ME there. What if something happens? What if she gets lost? Omdz. I know, I was the same with the boys on there first school outings, lol (still do worry a bit if I'm honest) I can't help it, I'm a mum and it's only natural to worry, right? Like I said though, I am excited for her, too. I know she'll have a lovely time :)
 Sports days are fast approaching, Ellies is in the morning followed by a lunch picnic and then the boys sports days is in the afternoon. I am SO excited, I love watching sports day, so much fun. I really hope the weather is nice. Also there will be end of the term assemblies and what not. So lots of things to look forward to. I'm also really looking forward to the summer holidays, although it's gonna be hard to keep the kids entertained for SIX whole weeks but at least we won't have any rushing around. I just hope we have good weather....

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Sarah xXx

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