No loss, no gain, I stayed the same.


Ozeri scale

For the last six days I have been quite ill (again) all my glands were swollen and I have had a really bad cold. Whether it is just a bad cold or flu I have no idea but I think I am starting to get over it now. Needless to say I have missed a couple of days of doing the 30 day shred because I have felt so rough. I wasn't surprised that when I weighed myself today (on my nice new scales, you can read my review here. I can't recommend these scale enough, they are seriously the best scale I have ever used & I'm not just saying that - I truly do mean it.) I hadn't lost weight, I also haven't gained either. I weigh the same as I did last week which is ok. At least I didn't gain. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed because I have still been eating really well. I've still been continuing with my smoothies and healthy eating which I am really proud of myself for doing. I did cheat a little though and have a small bottle of lucasade at the weekend as I just felt so rough, had zero energy and felt like I needed something to help me a bit. Not that I could taste it mind as my taste buds are messed up.

I am still carrying on with the 30 day shred (still on level 2) and eating healthy! I will also get back into walking at least 4 miles a day now I am getting better! I have missed walking a lot so I'm rather looking forward to that. The weather has actually been quite mild here so lets hope that continues :)

How has your fitness/healthy eating/weighloss gone this week?

Sarah xXx


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  1. You've done really well to maintain if you've been ill, it's always really difficult when you don't feel right and your body clings to everything #bloggingtojogging

  2. Don't be disappointed! The fact you have maintained is a fantastic sign - despite being ill when it is much easier to turn to yummy, comfort food to make you feel better! You are doing really well with the Shred and hope you have a better week and feel better soon! Sim #weightlosswednesday

    PS. I have the Ozeri scales, they rock but have me at 2lb heavier than my trusty old scales :(

  3. Well done to manage to maintain :-) I have had a rotten cold and tummy bug this week which stopped me from running, felt like the end of the world! back on the running horse now and feel back on track! you can't help being ill , so no point stressing on it :-) #bloggingtojogging

  4. Well done, I maintained this week as well after a pants week. At least we didn't gain!
    I'm also really into walking at the mo- cant wait for the weather to get a bit better though! well done and keep it up :)

  5. I hope you are feeling better now, well done for not gaining, I'm sure you'll get right back on track :-)Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx


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