Staying the same. AGAIN.



I weighed myself over the weekend, I know I said I wasn't going to but I noticed that my clothes were really quite baggy and a pair of my jeans are SO big on me now that they fall right down when I walk... like right down to my knees, haha. Even with a belt they're baggy. All my bras are too big as well. Size 12 leggings are very baggy around my knees but I don't think size 10 would fit me quite yet, I need a size 11 haha. They should totally do a size 11 lol!  I'm not gonna lie, I was SO disappointed when I jumped on the scales to see I hadn't lost anything (again), I've stayed the same. Which is obviously a lot better than gaining.
 I do however think, I am loosing inches rather than weight, does that make sense? I know that can happen when you tone. I'm not disheartened though, I am happy that what I am doing is working because my clothes are fitting so much better! This happened over the Christmas holidays and I had actually gained a pound and then a week later I'd lost FIVE founds so perhaps it'll happen like that again, who knows. It's also that time of the month so maybe that plays a part in it. Sorry if that was TMI!

I am still eating really healthy, no processed foods and no junk food. No fizzy drinks and no sugary foods. Although I did have a cookie today because guys, I am craving sugar (probably for the above reason). I've cut back a little on smoothies as I was paranoid about my sugar intake. I need to start having veggie smoothies, perhaps I'll pick some veggies up at some point. I'm still enjoying green tea, epsecially the green tea with peppermint! 'Tis lovely on a cold morning.

I am now on level three of the 30 day shred! And I am really, really enjoying it! I also did it twice yesterday - Level 1 in the morning and level 3 in the evening. I might do that three times a week if I feel like it. I've walked a total of 8 miles (at least!) today, my legs are aching like crazy but all is good. I went grocery shopping and walked around town, had a look in a few shops and what not, just to keep me walking! Also done the school run three times today (After school clubs). So that's really good! I have got a bit of a headache right now but not as bad as it was a couple of hours ago so I think I'll still be able to do the 30 day shred tonight. This brain disease (IIH) really sucks but loosing weight is suppose to help (it hasn't in the past!) so we'll see how that goes :)

Thank you SO much to everyone who left me supportive comments on my last post, it really means so much to me. You are all so inspiring and encouraging. As is my friend Laura who is really helping me do this!!! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Well done on your progress so far and for reaching Level 3 of The Shred. So glad that you feel the love and support from the comments, they really do help! :) Sim @ #WeightLossWednesday


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