Five more pounds!!


At the beginning of this week, I was feeling rather depressed about my weight. I couldn't workout at the weekend because I had such a bad headache, I felt like I had let myself down. I was convinced I had gained weight. I really was dreading weighing myself but I was quite pleasantly surprised that I had lost FIVE pounds! That has given me such a huge boost.

I've been having a smoothie for breakfast with a bowl of special K. A light salad or special K for lunch and dinner, I've had either chicken/fish/pork with salad. I'm also doing low carbs. I wanted to do NO carbs one day and then low carbs the next but as it turns out that is just too hard for me to do and I've read some not so great things about dieting that way, so I'll give that a miss and just do low carbs for now.
I am really enjoying the smoothies. I DO need to add in more veggies though, so I am making that my goal for this next week... starting tomorrow hopefully. Wish me luck with that, veggies are not my strong point. Although I do sneak in one veggie now and again, I do need to add more and more often, too. 

I am now on level 2 of the 30 day shred, it's going well! Tonight will be day three of level 2 and I am starting to get use to it although my arms ache a bit. I've got a rotten cold so I'll probably take it slow and steady tonight and drink A LOT of water. I always feel really good after a workout though and I am really proud of myself! I've been doing a lot more walking than usual (weather permitting) lately, too. An online friend is also doing the 30 day shred with me and we're encouraging each other, which works wonderfully. It's nice to have someone doing this with me and it's also nice to have so many bloggers supporting me, too.

Sarah xXx


The Musing Housewife

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  1. Well done Sarah, five lbs in a week is incredible, you're an inspiration.xx

  2. Fantastic weight loss and no doubt a great surprise when you stood on the scales! Absolutely love the Shred, may dust mine off later - certainly preferred Stage 2 to Stage 1. Keep drinking plenty of water, that will help with headaches! Thank you for linking up to WeightLossWednesday and look forward to seeing you again next week! Sim x

  3. Wow... 5 Ib, well done. That's a great weight loss. I do really like the 30day shred, so much that I went to see her this week in Manchester. She told her the secret... its not a secret, eat less eat more, and that seems to be what your doing!! Keep it up! :-)


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