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Phew! It's 2015 and I am wanting to try out some new recipes. Although, not this week because I am using up bits left over from Christmas. I've got a quite a bit left over and it will need using up before next week, which is when I'll be trying out new recipes. If you have an easy recipe you'd like to share, please do let me know :). I have also downloaded a shopping list app on my phone, which will really help me budget more. And not over spend or over buy. Most of us are guilty of this and while I don't do it often, it does happen. I think this is a great way to help with meal planning, too.

Monday - Sweet chilli chicken, potatoes and salad.

Tuesday - Chicken stew (slow cooker)

Wednesday - Cheese and potato pie with Sausages and peas.

Thursday - Spaghetti bolognase with garlic bread.

Friday - Pork curry with pilau rice and naan bread. (Slow cooker)

Saturday - Chicken nuggets, fries with spaghetti hoops.

Sunday - Toad in the hole with peas, carrots and mash potato, served with gravy.

What's on your meal plan this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Ooh, I really fancy toad in the hole now! Don't think my Slimming World plan allows for it but I might make it one day soon and let myself off :) Popped by from Mrs. M's Meal Planning Monday. Enjoy your week! x

  2. Everything sounds very tasty! Have a great week x

  3. Poor you having so much left over! I'm glad to be back into our usual routine, so sick of Christmas food and leftovers! Toad in the hole sounds great, a family favourite here.

  4. Toad in the Hole is one of my hubbys favourite meals! Sounds a great week x

  5. Good old slow cooker, and I agree, I love the sound of toad in the hole. It's been ages since I had it! Hope you have a lovely week :) xx

  6. Looks like a yummy week of meals to me!!

  7. All sounds fab - I really need to get on with using my slow cooker more this year!

  8. Oops, sent before I was ready - thanks for joining in too!


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