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Sudocrem, the brand for all lifes little dramas, has launched a lovely new app competition called 'Facebook Treasure Hunt', with 8,000 top prizes to be won including 10x mini iPads and Merlin passes,thousands of 2 for 1 Chesington world of adventure coupons, exclusive sudocrem money off coupons and so, so much more. It's fun and easy to use and there's a very good chance that you will win a prize! 

"Entrants are encouraged to join the rapidly growing Sudocrem Facebook community, access the competition then select one of 40,000 areas to dig within one of four virtual environments – The Forest, The Beach, The Park & The Lake, in the hope of uncovering one of 8,000 prizes on offer. That’s a 1 in 5 chance of winning!  Entrants can gain up to an extra 6 ‘digs’ when they share the competition and invite their Facebook friends to play."

 How to enter: 

 1) Like the Sudocrem Facebook community  
 2) You can access the competition by clicking on the "Virtual treasure hunt" tab on   the top of the sudocrem facebook page. 
3) You'll be notified immediately if you have won a prize. If not, you'll be given the chance to dig for more treasure by sharing the competition with your friends! 

The competition runs from 19th June until 16th August

Good luck with your digging everyone :-)

(Don't forget to share with your friends!) 

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