Always start the day with a grateful heart.


What a week! Not a bad week, just a busy week!!
Here are my reasons to be thankful this week.

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

Firstly, we had a wonderful half term last week, it was really nice to have a break from the school routine. And to spend time with the little's. I really enjoy having them home, I miss them dearly when they are at school. I am however grateful that we are back into the school routine. I really DO love routine a lot, especially our school routine. I thought it would take us a week or two to get back into it but not the case this time, the kids fitted right back into it! I do not like the early mornings, I must admit but all is good :)

I'm also thankful that I have my fitness mojo back. Not gonna lie, I lost it for a few days and got a bit lazy. I still worked out - half heatedly but none the less, I am back to enjoying it again! I've been eating really healthy too. Lets hope I can reach my goal by the summer!

I am happy that it's my birthday this weekend. The big THREE ZERO! Still can't believe I'm going to be 30 years old, haha. It will be nice to have a relaxing weekend though. To be honest, I'm more excited that I get a child free night tomorrow night! The boys will be at there dads house and E will be at her friends sleepover. Woohoo. I'll indulge in a nice, long, hot bubble bath with one of my beautiful bath bombs and a good book! 

Bathbombs @ ups and downs smiles and frowns

What are you thankful for this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Have a fabulous birthday, 30 is not old at all! Mich x

  2. Happy birthday for this weekend and hope you have a good one. I love half-term but it is nice also to have the regular routine again.

  3. Happy birthday young thing! Enjoy yourself x

  4. Ah happy birthday young whipper snapper thanks for linking up with #thankfulthursday

  5. sorry it took me so long to read and comment, life got in my way! I hope you had a fabulous birthday, filled with happiness xx


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