Leaving fresh footprints in the snow.


At the end of January, we finally got some snow!
I was actually in the middle of walking to the school to collect E from her after school club. It was overcast when I left the house, I didn't realise just how drastically fast the weather would change! I got half way to the school and the sky looked like this:

Snow clouds

I got to the school and by the time Ellie came out it had started to hail/sleet/rain/snow. And the wind was horrendous. We tried to run home but it was impossible. Ellie thought this was quite exciting and funny, I however, really didn't like it at all!

snow, hail, sleep and rain.

And then literally 2 or 3 minutes later it looked like this and the snow was coming down quite thick and fast! I couldn't believe how much snow we had within a few minutes!



Ellie loved making footprints in the snow. I didn't take many photos because I thought it was best to keep my phone out of the cold and wet weather! I really wish we had of got enough snow to build a snowman at least. I don't like snow personally but I know the kids would really enjoy it. It would be nice to just have enough for a snowball fight and to build a little snowman! I wonder if we'll get any more snow?

Sarah xXx

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  1. It was quite a build up to the snow wasn't it?! Lovely pics - I love the snowy one

  2. Snow and kids is just so much fun isn't it x

  3. It's amazing how quickly snow can settle. This looks great. Hope you will get enough to build a snowman.

  4. Lovely pictures. x #thegallery


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