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Give Thanks Thursday at Mummy from the Heart

Wow, I've been busy this week. I've been trying to organise my house a little better and eliminate junk and things we no longer use or that fits us. I am quite thankful for this and it feels SO good to get rid of stuff we no longer need. I've donated a fair bit to a local charity shop. I really don't like throwing things away but if someone else can make use of things we can no longer use then I'm all for giving it away! :)

While sorting through all my 'junk' I came across old photo albums, an old memory box, old letters from school friends and penpals dating right back 1996! I honestly didn't think I still had those but turns out, I do. I also found the cards and what not from when all three of my children were born and lots of other random things, I am SO happy I found all those things. I even found some photos of Harry from when he was a baby. I thought these had been lost in a house move, so you can imagine how happy I was to find them! I am really, really thankful and grateful for those photos.
This photo isn't the best photo quality in the world because well, it was taken eleven years ago on a normal (film) camera and it's a photo of a photo but I thought I would share.

He was about 8 months old here and already trying to walk!
Harry was about 8ish months old in this pic.
I'm thankful this week for my online friend that has been encourage me and helping me, giving me advice and tips to loose weight and get fit! She has really, really supported me so much. She's been doing the 30 day shred with me and I find it SO good to have support and encouragement. Also for all my blogging friends that have been leaving me supportive comments, I always find this so motivating! So thank you so much to everyone who has left me supportive comments. I also love reading all your weight loss posts, so very inspiring :) It's lovely we can all help each other.

So those are my reasons to be thankful and happy this week! What are your reasons? Let me know in the comments or link up with Thankful Thursday and #GivingThanksThursday. I'd love to read your posts/comments!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Wonderful things to be thankful for! Isn't it fun to look back through old photos! We do a Flashback Friday every Friday on Embrace Happy! I love the stories that accompany each picture. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Superb, so precious that you found the baby pictures and I love a good declutter. Mich x

  3. great pictures, great that you found the boxes of things you thought you lost, it's wonderful, i've done that before, thought i lost something and then a long time later found it. yay Heidi @ whispersofhappiness

  4. Aww! How wonderful finding the box of memories!
    Fantastic things to be thankful for x

  5. Well done with your weightloss goals. I think a good clearout is always a good thing - for both de-cluttering and reminiscing purposes. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  6. Well done on your weight loss so glad you have such a good friend makes way more easier ESP if you're like me and just hate working out well the thought more! I feel happy for you finding tomhose photos letters I love going through my memory box and wedding box im big on memory keeping! Xx

  7. What a bonus to find the pictures! I really want to declutter too - it would be great if people could get some joy from things that we don't need and I am looking forward to a big sort out in coming weeks. Bravo


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