Thankful Thursday!


My first reason to be thankful this week is... HALF TERM! I am so, so glad it's the half term. It's lovely having a break from the school routine. The kids have been really good, too! So far this half term we've been to the park and for a very long walk. We've been shopping, we've done some arts and crafts. We have also had a really lovely bus ride and visited family, fed the ducks, walked along the river bank, been for a walk in the woodland (where my family live!) and visited more parks/play areas! It's been a busy one so today we're having a (what I call) lazy day.

The second reason to be thankful is the weather! It's been really mild, especially for this time of year. We've had a couple of sunny days too which is always a bonus! It is however raining today, at least we have made the most of the weather while it lasted! Maybe it'll be nice tomorrow and we can get back outside again. We are so outdoorsy people, hehe. I am also thankful that my children are indeed outdoorsy like I am! They don't mind long walks, as long as I keep it fun and interesting of course, bless them.

I'm very thankful for my Valentines gifts from my fella. He bought me a lovely bunch of flowers and some chocolates. I hadn't had chocolate for such a long time because I'm trying really hard to loose weight, so those were an amazing treat! I feel very lucky and blessed

What are you thankful this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. I love the thought of outdoor fun! Enjoy the rest of half term

  2. Brilliant Sarah, so nice to be pampered on Valentines Day and I hope that mild weather stays, it has been too chilly here today! Mich x

  3. I love half term, it looks like you've had a great week. They are totes my favourite flowers and chocolates too fab taste! Thanks for linking with #thankfulthursday

  4. Sounds like it has been a fun week - glad you have managed to get out and about during half-term and hope you enjoyed your Valentine's chocolates and flowers :-)

  5. oh I do love those chocolates!! We are not at all outdoorsy here, my youngest would happily never leave the house again! lol x


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