Meal planning Monday.


This weeks meal plan if going to look a little different as I'm going to include my meal plan, too! As most of you know by now, I am trying to loose weight and while I'm not really calling it a 'diet' (I dislike that word, haha), I am trying to be as healthy as possible.
The kids meal plan is the top one and mine is beneath there's. Yes, it is VERY hard and tempting not to eat what the kids are eating but I seriously need to get a grip of my eating habits again as I feel I have failed a little bit lately. Not badly or anything but if it continues I know I won't loose weight.

Monday - Sausage, home made oven chips with baked beans.
                 Chilli Chicken breast with brown rice.

Tuesday - Homemade meat balls with pasta spaghetti and garlic bread
                 Tuna salad and low fat coleslaw.

Wednesday - Chicken curry (low fat), with pilau rice and naan bread.
                      (I'll have low fat curry, too brown rice with weight watcher naan bread)

Thursday - Chicken pasta bake with a selection of salad- we can all have this, it's one of the kids faves
                   (I'll have wholemeal/brown pasta)

Friday - Pizza day!
              (I'll have a weight watchers frozen meal)

Saturday - Chicken nuggets, fries and spaghetti hoops.
                  Fish, sweet potato fries (never tried these before) with peas.

Sunday - Sunday chicken roast dinner.
               (I'll have the same just a smaller portion)

I usually enjoy a smoothie or toast (weight watcher wholemeal bread)for lunch and speacial K or porridge for breakfast! Snackajacks or rivitta, cracker bread etc make a nice snack. I just need to stick to this!

Sarah xXx

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  1. All the best with sticking to it, snacking's always my downfall.. Have a great week xx

  2. Everything sounds delicious! What a great meal plan! Good luck x

  3. Just a thought but a lot of supermarkets stock Pizza Express leggera pizzas which are pretty nice and not too high in cals/points.

    Enjoy your week!


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