The one where O2 drives me nuts.


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This post will probably be a bit ranty because well, I'm pee'd off. With O2. I'm pay as you go btw. 
See, I phoned them to change my mobile number because I keep getting those weird marketing text message, you know the ones that go a bit like "The bank owes you £2,000 loan fees" or whatever. Thing is I don't even have a bank account (I use post office account for those wondering) let alone a bank LOAN! Ugh. I got so fed up of texting "STOP" and wasting all my credit that I figured it'd be easier to just change my number. So I did. Only they didn't process my new number, so I phoned them again. 24 hours later it was finally processed. It was all working great! When last night I got the stupid thing on my phone saying "SIM not provisoned2" WHAT?! So I tried calling my number from my fellas phone and I get "The number you have called has not been recognised" again WHAT?! So I phone O2, I'm all "My phone is not working" and explain to the chap on the phone what my phone says and what happens when I call the number and how I can't receive calls or texts, LET ALONE make calls or texts. The chap on the other end of the phone tells me the number is indeed active & there should be no problem and it must be my phone. Riiiiiiiiighto. He also tells me to take the sim and battery out, rebbot the device and all that jazz. Which I reply "I've already done that 6 million times" (OK, I may have over exaggerated but I did take my battery out many, many times) I don't see what difference it makes whether my sim card is in my phone or another phone, it's still going to say the number isn't recognized  right? The chap on the phone disagreed. So I tried it in another phone and sure enough - Same thing! Then the chap is all "Go to your nearest O2 store and explain to them, they will sort the problem out" I'm all "Ok whatever"  I can't be bothered going to the O2 store because quite frankly I haven't got time to go into town and explain allll over again. So I have now brought a new sim card, and I need to call O2 again to get all my bolt ons/BBM and everything switched over to this new number. Ugh. Why is this happening to me???!! I am dreading  calling them because 1) It means explaining again. For the third time in 3 days. and 2) I really do not have patience 3) I really can not be bothered. But I HAVE to. Ugh, it sucks but what can I do?! 
There's been a lot of issues with O2 lately, the network keeps going down, then the other month BBM wasn't working. Then it started working. Then stopped working. Urgh. 
Am I a satisfied customer? Nope. 

Yes, this is MY opnion and I know you may not agree but freedom of speech and all that. 
Hopefully they'll fix the problem.... I can hope!!

Sarah xXx

EDIT: Finally spoke to someone at O2, problem is now resolved & my phone is back up and running. It just goes to show when you speak to the right employee at O2 the problem really does get sorted. So yes, I am happy again now. Yay! I have a phone again. Woohoo.

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