Reasons to be cheerful (25/10/12)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) I have FINALLY started my Christmas shopping, well the kids main presents. I am hoping they will be delivered tomorrow. Seriously, I am really worried about how am gonna afford everything year! Money is so tight and everything seems so expensive but I know we'll be ok. I think because the Christmas countdown seems to be on EVERYWHERE I go it makes me panic, lol. 
2) I bought myself a pair of knitted boots on sale for £8.99. OVER half price. I never really spend money on myself and I know it should've gone towards Christmas but I really did need new boots. My trainers are falling apart, my other boots leak and I have no other suitable shoes for winter so really, it was a bargain buy and I really did need them. New boots (or shoes, or rather, any footwear always makes me happy, hehe) 
3) It's Halloween next week, yay! I am really looking forward to it this year. As are the kids. I really do love this time of year. 
4) My little girl had her first school disco - Halloween theme. She had a really good time and looked so cute all dressed up in her witches outfit, aww. I shall post pics next week when I get time and I need to figure out why my phone lead isn't working. Some kind of hardware problem with the laptop I think. Who knows. 

Oh and one more reason. My kitten was poorly again but she's getting better now! Thank goodness for PDSA is all I can say!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Your so right things are just so expensive... £8.99 for a pair of boots is a fab bargin x glad your daughter had a fab disco...looking forward to the pics xxx have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Nice to start getting bits for Christmas, the weeks are going really quickly, glad to hear ur kitten is on the mend, love the layout and colours of your blog, I'm now following ur blog, have a great weekend xx

    1. Thank you :-) You have a good weekend, too xx

  3. You have to treat yourself every now and again.. I feel guilty at a bargain even if it only a couple of quid. You are definitely right prices of everything has shot up this year, have started xmas shopping myself and hoping i can get it all :)

  4. You are really good for starting your Christmas shopping, I need to as well otherwise I panic buy! I also have just bought some well needed new boots.....puts a spring in your step too! Lovely reasons this week x

  5. Glad your kitten is well again - it is miserable when children or animals are unwell. I am starting to think about christmas too, but as yet no idea what to get my 6yo

  6. Lovely reasons to be cheerful, especially the boots! x


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