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My eldest son will be NINE tomorrow. Nine years old already. I can not believe it, seriously time goes too fast and babies grow up too fast. He is my first born and we share a special bond (like I do with my other two children). He has taught me a lot, he taught me to grow up.
He's nine going on nineteen and I am not joking, his attitude, his personality, he is SO smart for his age and his fashion, well he certainly knows what he wants. Brand names and hair gel already! Justin bieber is his idle (ugh) and he loves RnB music, Xfactor and really wants a iPod. (See what he gets for xmas ;)) He couldn't live without his XBOX and he loves football SO much.   His football idle is MESSI (whoever that is lol)
He is growing up so, so fast and I bless every single moment. I love helping him learn and watching him grow up but at the same time I miss when he was a baby and a toddler, it is truly bittersweet. I am SO proud of him, I truly am.
This was us nine years ago (he was a few hours old in his pic & I was 17)
Happy Birthday Harry! (early as I wont be on the computer tomorrow)

Sarah xXx 

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  1. I was just thinking today about how time seems to whizz past. It's scary to think how fast sometimes. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

  2. Congrats! have a great day together

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