The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.


Look how cute my kitten looks all curled up asleep on my bed lol, doesn't look very comfy does it?! Still adorable though. Aww. 

We've had a fair bit of rain the past few days, not as much as some places though.

ARGH! I don't know WHAT has gotten into my kids tonight! Actually, I do KNOW... lack of sleep. Up at 5:30am. They're all grumpy and whingey. Roll on bedtime lol.
My eldest has been playing out the front with his friends, just in the front garden playing football but he keeps in and out, every 2 seconds :/ KIDS!!!!
Anyhoo, things here have been pretty boring the same as always, nothing overly exciting going on. I am thinking about Christmas and really want to make start. The kids all want new bikes for Xmas so I have been pricing those up. I've also been busy doing the usual housework and laundry, nothing new or exciting lol.

My eldest boy has a school trip this Friday. He's so excited. I won't say where he's going just yet though, lol. Charlie is doing wonderfully at school although he needs a bit of extra help with his reading. Ellie is going great, too! Her first school photo next week!! YAY! I am going to have one of the kids all taken together.. We have to be at the school for 8am though. Hmm, that should be an adventure lol.

I've been having some really nasty headaches again and I know I need to see the neurologist, I will be speaking to my GP this week to see if he can hurry a neuro appointment along a bit faster than if I call. The weight time is around three months, I need an appt sooner than that but I understand there are people more priority to me. I have an eye consultant appointment at the end of the month, too. I guess the consultant will want to measure the pressure behind my eyes. We'll see. I am trying to stay positive about not needing another lumbar puncture. I have also been resting a lot while the kids have been at school, rest helps. It's nice to have some *me* time but gosh, I do really miss the kids when they are at school.

Yup, it's taken me two hours to get this far because I keep getting interrupted  I should really blog when the kids are at school or in bed, lol. The two little ones have just gone up to bed, they are exhausted. I think they'll be asleep within seconds. I think I may have a nice hot bubble bath and an early night *yawns* ahuh, early night sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Sarah xXx

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