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Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) It is half term next week. I am actually really looking forward to it! We have a few things planned like take the kids to the cinema (hopefully, I have had to save for this!) and what not. 
2) It is my eldest sons Birthday on Saturday! He will be NINE! NINE years old. I can't believe it! We'll be celebrating tomorrow with a special tea of his choice and birthday cake and opening presents as this year he'll be at his dads for his birthday (sigh) but he also has plans, too! I'm sure H will have a fab time! :) 
3) I am SO excited about Halloween this year. Honestly, I never get excited about it really but this year is different. We're going to take the kids trick or treating (locally and only people who we know/do not mind. We're also going to carve pumpkins and make some toffee apples and stuff! Got any Halloween recipes you'd like to share with me? Leave a link or a comment =) Hehe. 
Here's a practise pumpkin we did yesterday. My little girl suggested a cat... lol. I've never actually carved a pumpkin myself before so I suppose it's not too bad for a first attempt (and help from google lol).

Sarah xXx

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  1. Wishing ur son a happy birthday, trick or treating is so much fun, ur kids will enjoy it xx

  2. Love the pumpkin, a fantastic first try. Enjoy your birthday celebrations and half term. x

  3. Have a fab half term xxx wow nine xxx happy birthday xxx

  4. Loving the pumpkin. Halloween is fantastic. I have some Halloween party ideas here: http://www.theminimesandme.com/2012/10/halloween-party-food.html

    I can't wait for half term either but it's the week after yours so a little longer to wait. The cinema is so epensive, we take adavantage of the bogof with Orange most Wednesdays though. Brave is awesome if you haven't seen it already x

  5. I love your reasons! And your cat lol x

  6. Happy birthday to your little man, my boy was 9 2 weeks ago and I am loving this age. Mich x

  7. Aww happy birthday to your son! My youngest is now 11 and that seems soooo old, they just grow up really fast x

  8. I hope your 'big boy' had a lovely birthday yesterday. And Happy Halloween in advance. The lil ones will have a great time :0)


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