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It's my nephew's 2nd Birthday this weekend. I had no idea what to get him, then I remember he liked fire engines, so there was online look for fire engine related things, then I thought to myself "I bet he was one of those already" and "yup, he deffo has one those" Then I came across the Fire engine pop up tent that Argos sell. That's the perfect gift! So I went in there today and proudly brought it. It's age 2+ and comes with a firemans hat too. It seems easy to store and says it';s easy to assemble. It looks simple enough.  Only now I really want to put it up and see what it actually looks like =/ But no, I must not! It does look really cool! I hope he likes it!! Also brought him a set of mini bedtime stories and some white chocolate. 

Also, I received the things I won in Mama Owls give away! I'm impressed. I've decided to keep it as a Christmas present though! I also got two arty books as well so I have something for each of the kids. That was a lovely surprise.

I am trying so hard to lose weight, I've started eating healthier (I miss crisps) and exercising  Does anyone have any weight looks tips they'd like to share with me? I only need to lose about a stone and a little bit and then tone up a little.

Well, my eldest boy is wanting me to help him with his homework. We're going to research Romans now on the internet. He has to do a project on The Romans. My youngest son has to do a project about Ancient Egypt. I love helping them with their projects, hehe.

Sarah xXx

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