I want...


I was tagged by Julie aka Mama Owl to post my wants, lol.

1) I want to have a bath in peace.
I want to not be woken up at 5am
I want a new pair of boots (also NEED them)
I want to be able to spend some money on new clothes without having to feel guilty about spending money on myself for once.
I want someone to help me with the housework and laundry.
I want to know why no one can pick up there own washing and put it in the wash.
I want a holiday.
I want to lose about a stone in weight and tone up.
I want the house to stay clean and tidy for at least one whole day.
I want a new T.V for my bedroom so that I can actually watch what I want on TV in the evenings rather than cartoons, lol.
But what I want more than anything else in this world is... I WANT to get better and not have headaches allll the time.
and this one goes without saying
I want my kids to be happy, healthy and successful in life.

I tag anyone who wants to do this because Idk who to tag lol.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Love your list, I know the feeling with a peaceful bath and a lie in! :) x


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