A few goals to achieve before Christmas.


Evening peeps.

My friend Laura has inspired me to write this post. After reading her achievements  I really want to set myself a few goals to achieve by Christmas. So, here goes.

1) Have all Christmas presents brought by December 12th.
I know this is a bit "late" still but for me it'll be a big achievement because I usually leave all the xmas shopping until last minute.
2) I really NEED to have the kids bedrooms swapped around before Christmas, the boys need the bedroom that is bigger as they have more stuff & even more after Xmas. Ellie needs the smaller room, it'll be more cosy. Which means...

  • Both rooms need painting (The boys can not have a pink room lol, they'll go nuts, lol) 
  • Ellies new midsleeper bed needs assembling. 
  • Some of the toys need sorting out in time for Xmas. 
  • Donate the old toys/old clothes that are any good to charity. 
3) Decorate the bathroom - seriously there is no reason I can't do this as I already have all the paint! I just need a roller and a small paint brush. I need to stop being so darn lazy.
4) Take the kids to the cinema. For my eldest son's birthday which was this Saturday just gone. We're saving the cinema for half term. 
5) Lose half a stone (at least) Will update with weighing details when I weigh myself this week in boots. I refuse to buy bathroom scales because I know I will just become obsessed and I am not going down that road. No way. 

So there we have it. I was going to add 'quit smoking' to the list.. and I am going to try but in all honesty I don't think I can diet and quit smoking totally at the same time. I've only been smoking five a day so I have cut down. I've gone from smoking 15-20 daily to smoking 5! Today I've only smoked 3! So that is a good start. Right? 

Right off to bed now. Early start tomorrow *yawns* Roll on half term, no more early school runs, lol! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Good luck on achieving those hun!
    I also want to lose half a stone. I seemed to have gained it and I haven't been able to shift it which is unusual cos ever since I lost weight, if i ever gained a bit i could always lose it easily but this time i've stayed this weight for about three months now :O strange, but i'm doing the high protein diet and all that and it is starting to shift now ;)

  2. looks like youve got alot to do!
    good luck



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