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I thought I would share this with you all..

I've had some really lovely freebies lately, some I've already tried and therefore haven't taken pictures of. Like the BB cream but you can read my review by clicking here and there was another BB cream that I got a free sample of and I actually entered a competition to win the BB cream, and I WON! That was back in the summer. I've also had other free samples like perfume & shampoo but I've already used those and don't have pics of them.
One of the perfume samples I received is actually going on my Christmas list! So glad I got a sample of it. I fell in loveeee with it. Anyway, I'm going off track so back to the subject of freebies/samples

I love getting nice things in the post, especially lovely freebies/samples. Most of the time I just get boring stuff like bills. More bills. And... Junk mail. Oh and more bills. So yes, goodies (freebies/samples and wins!) are lovely to receive in the post.

Please note this is UK only sites I *think*
How do I get freebies?
I use Magic freebies [click] and I also have them liked their facebook page. Reading some of the wall posts that other members have posted on there facebook page is another good way to find freebies.
Another site that is similar (and usually has the same freebies is Free Stuff World. I liked their Facebook page as well so when they update there status or whatever, it shows up in my news feed. Again reading other peoples wall posts and comments from other members is a great way to find freebies :-)
Twitter is a good way to look out for freebies from companies that are giving away free samples, add some of your fave companies/brands to twitter and keep an eye on there tweets. After all, you have nothing to lose.
You can also email companies and ask for a sample of whatever product you want to try. Although, I haven't done this. Yet.
 I also find that signing up for freebies is best done in the AM because, well, FREEBIES always go FAST! I think most companies giving away samples is done a 'first come, first served' basis.. Although some maybe competitions and obviously a winner is usually picked at random. I don't always remember or have time but when I do, I usually only go for things I know I will actually use, or the kids will use (like the beach ball below). No good getting something that I know I won't use, when someone else could be using it. Never get freebies 'just because..' because it's such a waste to get something (even if it is for nothing) when someone else could be making good use of it!
Signing up/subscribing via Email is a good idea, too. That way if I DO forget, I at least get an email telling me what's on offer and 99% of the time I check my email daily, or try to.

Here are some of my freebies I've had thru my door recently:

(The blue thing with white writing is a beach ball from NIVA, I think the rest explain themselves lol) 


I have also been entering A LOT of competitions lately. Usually rafflecopters ones that either the bloggers I follow are hosting or ones I find on twitter or other sites. Good sites for competitions are also the ones I linked above and the Find me a gift Facebook page. Other people also post on there wall about other competitions. I enter A LOT of competitions because well, I have more chance of winning at something! You have to be in it to win it, as they say.
Again, Twitter is a good place to look, all those companies or bloggers you follow may promote giveaways/competitions on twitter. Same with Facebook! So make sure you add your fave brands/companies to twitter & Facebook.

Another tip - It gets so boring filling out forms on each website, why not look into using an auto fill form? I use google chrome but I know you can get them for other browsers. Just google it and see. Or you could just copy and paste.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Or perhaps some websites/links you'd like to share? :-)

Oh and no one asked me to write this post, I just did it out of the kindness of my heart because I wanted to share with my lovely blogger friends lol.

Anyway, I hope you found this useful and that it does actually make sense.
I'm off to watch a film now with my lovely fella.

G'night xXx

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  1. Some great advice there, thank Sarah :) I love getting free samples and find myself always filling in the free offers section on websites, I like latest free stuff, and WOW free stuff, they have all the latest free beauty samples.


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