An easy make, pretty, cute box!


Ellie wanted a "secret box" (memory box) that she could keep her favourite school work in, her birthday cards and other random little things like certificates. So we made one! 
We covered a show box in pretty wrapping paper.

And I wrote a label. 
She is really pleased with it! And it matches her curtains in her bedroom. 
It only took five minutes, hehe. 

Have you made anything art and crafty lately? 

Sarah xXx

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  1. I havent got a sinple crafty bone in my body... I could have sent you one of my old beauty boxes that comes with a pull out drawer xx

  2. This is such a great idea. My son just asked me for something similar where he could keep all his origami paper. I think I'm going to use a shoe box as well. Thanks for sharing.


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