25 Random facts about me.


I've seen a few other people do this so I thought I'd give it a go, I'll do as many facts as I can. 

1) My favourite colour is purple. I love anything purple. 
2) I couldn't live without my e-reader but I could quite easily live without my mobile phone. 
3) I love Walkers sensations, the chilli flavour crisps, mmm. 
4) I have naturally curly hair which is so high maintenance, because it's so thick. 
5) Having said the above, I really LOVE my hair straighteners, lol!
6)  I use to be addicted to coca cola, literally addicted! I'd drink at least 2 litres a day. I quit drinking it in October 2010. I can have a glass of coke occasionally but I can't stand the taste 
7) I love cats. I am known as the crazy cat lady LOL. I only have one cat but all the cats that live down this street seem to hang out in my back garden - they love me, lol!! 
8) My favourite movie is Armageddon! I can watch that film over and over again and ut still makes me cry every single time, lol.
9) I don't really do chick flicks... rarely! Saying that though, I do like mean girls and 10 things I hate about you! Lol.
10) I reallyyyy want a Kindle Fire HD.. I can dream *sigh* 
11) If I could live anywhere in the world I'd probably live in Australia! 
12) I seriously am addicted to 'Home And Away - The Early Years' which I watch online. Classic episodes of Home and Away!!! Can't bet it! Yet I don't watch Home and Away on T.V.. the recent home and away.. It's changed too much :( Does this picture bring back memories? 

(image from google)

13) I'm a huge Miranda Hart fan. She's fabulous. 
14) My favourite food is Chinese! I love Chinese food! 
15) I can't stand baked beans, the smell makes me feel sick. Yuck.
16) I'm really looking forward to June - World War Z movie! Yay. 
17) I can't seem to grow my nails, they just break all the time. Does anyone have any tips for me? 
18) I see my best friend almost every day.. I've known her since I was seven years old. We lost touch for a few years. We now live across the road from one another. 
19) I collect key rings! I have so many.. I only have a couple on my actual keys though. 
20) I love anything Disney!! I love Minnie mouse.. I am such a big kid! 
21) I also love tatty teddy, hehe. 
22) I grew up in the country side... literally the middle of nowhere and I really miss it now. 
23) I use to have a pet Iguana, he was called Frankie! I rescued him from a reptile rescue centre. He died when he was three/four years old because his previous owners treated him more like a dog rather than an exotic pet! The 18 months he was with me though, were the best months of his life! He was one spoiled Iggy, I even converted an old display cabinet into a habitat for him! It was SO cool. Everyone was scared of him because he looked like a dinosaur LOL, he was the best pet ever! He was SO docile and lovely. I really miss him.
24) I love fruit. Any fruit! I could actually live on fruit :D My kids take after me - they love fruit, too! They'd rather fruit than sweets. 
25) I am struggling to think what else to write.. so this will have to do =p 

Sarah xXx

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