Keep calm, it's half term!


Thank goodness it's Friday is all I can say!!! And today my little loves broke up for half term. Woohoo! No more school runs for a whole week! Yay! We have a few plans for the half term and activities planned, a couple depend on the weather, though. I'm looking forward to some family time, movies and such. I really would love to take the kids for a walk along the sea front but it depends. If the weather is like it is today (mild & sunny) then it shouldn't be a problem! We'll see though. 
This week has been a little blah! In actual fact the last few weeks have been a bit blah, I think it's the weather. I am SO ready for spring. It's a beautiful day today, sunny and mild, the birds are tweeting away.. everything seems so much more cheerier (is that even a word? Hmm.) 

Am looking forward to the weekend, I am going to be doing housework and cleaning. Fun. I have a few T.V shows to catch up on if I have time! I haven't watched much T.V this week because I've been busy reading. I am so enjoying the #50books2013. I finished my eighth book of the #50books2013, you can check out my book review here.

So I gave up fizzy drinks & chocolate for Lent, it's going well so far. Sundays are not included though... I'm still going to keep it up though, even on Sundays! I really want to lose half a stone, my belly looks big to me, I'm small everywhere else, except my belly which makes me look pregnant. Ugh! So I need to lose my "podge" lol. Hopefully giving up the fizzy drinks and chocolate will really give me a good start on that! Wish me luck, lol! Really going to try now because I'd love to fit into some of my old summer clothes this year. 

Anyway, this was a bit of a random post. I'm going to go and crack on with my housework (Oh the fun!) and start the dinner. 
I hope you all have a fab weekend. 

Sarah xXx

P.S please pop over to my friend Sarah's blog Lovingmypiggies, she's new(ish) to the blogging world so go say Hi! I know she'd appreciate it. =)

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  1. I hope you have a lovely half term :) Bring on Spring x

  2. Hi thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend blog hop, happy new follower :) have a lovely week,were planning lots of cool things to do over the holidays, great work on giving up fizzy pop and chocolate, I was going to give up wine but my husband got us some for Valentines day...


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