Reasons to be cheerful (Week 9)


I've been MIA this week regarding my blog but I have been busy. Busy how I'm not sure, just haven't seemed to have much time this week for some reason. It's taken a while to get back into routine after half term. Does anyone else have this trouble after half term, or is it just us? We LOVE our routine but it's been hard to get back into, although I think we have it back now. 

I've had my blog for a whole year!!!! Yay!! 

1) Tomorrow is my Birthday!!! I'm excited, lol. Although I am not excited to be turning twenty eight, two years until the big 30. Ugh. The kids are excited for my birthday, too. It means CAKE! Hehe.  And of course it's Friday tomorrow, that's enough of a reason to be cheerful on it's own, LOL.
2) Yesterday, my family came 'round to surprise me. My mum brought me a bottle of wine  (and cards) for my Birthday, she couldn't come to see me ON my birthday as she has an important appointment. My Nanna and Granddad came, too! They treated all of us to a lovely Chinese, it was so, so good! I haven't had Chinese for such a long time. Yummo. 
3) I've read (almost) ten book of the 50! TEN already this year. Not bad at all! I am so enjoying the #50books2013. (You can click the tab at the top of the page that says 'Book Challenge  for more info on that! What are you reading at the moment?
4) Oh yeah, I won a competion a couple of weeks ago - for a personalised planner. I love it! I shall be reviewing that and posting pics of it, either later today or tomorrow, I reallllly have to share it with you all, it's so lovely. 

Sarah xXx

P.s If anyone knows the blog hop linky please let me know, thanks. 

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, it's my Birthday tomorrow too! x

  2. Hapy birthday for tomorrow, hope someone make you cake and you don't have to make it yourself! I love all things planning so can't wait to see reviews x

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow (us March birthday's are the best!) Lovely reasons x

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow..and well done on your comp win xx

  5. happy birthday..congrats on your comp win too fab reasons x

  6. Happy Birthday. Glad you are enjoying your reading too.

  7. Happy Birthday!! hope your having a great day xx

  8. Happy birthday, glad you got to enjoy a Chinese with the family. mich x


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