Reasons to be Cherful (week 7)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I hope you enjoy your day, which ever way you plan on spending it. 

Mich, who usually hosts the reasons to be cheerful has taken a break for Lent so Seasider In The City has taken over until Easter :-) 

I'm not having a good day (I won't go into that now though!) so I really ought to remind myself of reasons to be cheerful. I'll try to think of three.. 

My reasons to be cheerful this week are... 
1) My kids! they are a fab reasons to be cheerful. They're good kids.. I mean, they might have there moments where they bicker, what siblings don't? And they might have there moments where they give attitude (mainly my eldest, I'm gonna blame it on his male hormoans, lol) or back chat but there never really NAUGHTY. They can be ever so helpful, too. We had fun yesterday making home made valentines cards which you can view here
2) It's the boys school disco. It'll be C's first disco at junior school, he is SO excited! They both are. I am really excited for them, lol. I remember how excited I use to get over discos! Such fun :D 
 They are both hoping gangnam style will be played at least 5 times LOL. Oh, how that song gets on my nerves but it is hilarious watching them do the dance, even my five year old daughter joins in dancing around the front to it! I'll try to record a video of them, it's really funny!  
3) Tomorrow is Friday!!! Yay!! The kids break up from school tomorrow for half term. A whole week of not having to go out in the cold first thing in the morning, no having to go out at all if we don't want to! lovely break from school runs, yay! And we can do lots of arts & crafts, puzzles, board games (the current fave in this house is Bingo!) and settle down and watch some lovely family movies. I can't think of anything better =) 

Sarah xXx 

P.S I've given up chocolate and fizzy drinks for lent. In fact, I'm quitting fizzy drinks for good.. again. I went two years last time with no fizzy drink! 

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  1. Good luck with the giving up for lent xx

  2. aww is nice to hear your little ones are helpful..yay to half sounds like you have some nice things planned..wishing you all a lovely weekend xx

  3. I hope you have a lovely half term, our's is just coming to an end boo! PS Gangnam style rocks ;)

    I hope your day improves lovely x

  4. Well done on giving up fizzy & chocs two thing I couldn't live without lol school disco sounds fun my boys love gangnam style too x Have a fab half term....and I hope you have a good day x

  5. i am glad its half term too! how can you give up fizzy drinks ... without pepsi max i may not survive the day! will keep my fingers crossed you do well x

  6. I love the cards! Hope your boys have a brilliant time at the disco xx

  7. Fab reasons to be cheerful, I'm sad that half term is coming to an end but looking forward to a lovely weekend with my wee family :) x

  8. Hey! Sexy lady! (sorry had to make reference to Gangnam Style!!) - hope the boys enjoy their disco. And hope you are having a better day today xx

  9. Great reasons, live the idea of given iphone fizzy drinks. Might join you in that. Vodka isn't fizzy right!? Lol x

  10. I remember my first disco and how excited I was, hope they enjoyed it!
    Thanks for linking up x


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