Oh Monday, Monday...


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just a quick post from me. 
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This weekend has been very chilled and relaxed, I've caught up on a lot of blogging and edited my blog a little/added pages etc. Also finished my seventh book for the #50books2013 book challenge, you can read my review here. 
I've got quite a busy week this week. Today I am going to blitz upstairs. Tuesday is grocery shopping day. I really want to make a start on decorating my front room, too. Maybe Wednesday? We'll see. And then the rest of the week will be filled with decorating if I do manage to start it that is! It really just depends on my headache and how I feel. I really hate this stupid rare brain disease (I'm going to try and write a post about it later!). Especially when I have so much I want to do. Anyway.. 
The kids break up on Friday for half term. Half term already?! I can't believe how fast time is going this year!! I'm looking forward to half term. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, nothing is set in stone but ideally I would like to take the kids out, it's been ages since we've been out and done anything fun. Role on spring and summer. I can't wait for the warm weather. Winter is depressing, it's currently trying to snow, the ground is wet though so it shouldn't settle, I hope! 
Right, need to get the kiddies to school
Sarah xx 

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  1. I'm following you xx


  2. I tried following you on networked blogs and it just keeps saying i need a valid token, not sure what that means!


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